1 chapter 1

(honestly, the first couple of chapters are bad but after a couple, it will be better).

joseph was like any other human, go to work, go home single, and tonight wasn't any different. he got home and chugged three energy drinks and started working on his project. however, his eye's started to droop.

When he opened his eyes and saw himself sitting in a chair and front of him was a man who looked like he could be blown away with dust.

"I assume you already know what's going to happen now," said the man.

"I'm dead, right?" I asked

"Indeed," said the man, "but don't worry you will get five wishes."

Joseph had to think about this a lot because the old man never said any limits.

"Do I get to pick my world or not?" said Joseph.

"yes," said the man

"Then can I get reincarnated into the Percy Jackson world as Percy's twin," said joseph.

"Done" he replied.

"then I want a system that will display the world I can travel to but if I travel through time my world would be stopped until I come back or unless i want to," Joseph said.

"Tricky but done."

"I want a Madara Uchiha fighting style and powers, but since I want the prime version I get the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan," he said.

"Fine," he said

"I want to have yoriichi tsugikuni from demon slayers skill and breath with total concentration".he said.


"I want a shop on the system that has infinite shop points or money that I can collect if I want to."

"That would be tricky for the simple fact that the system would have multiple powers from dimensions that arent from it but it is doable" he replied.

"And for my final wish If I can go to a world where people can erase me from existence I want to make it so they have no power over me," he said.

"Alright fine go now get out of here you overpowered kid and don't let me see you," he said as he waved his hand.

Joseph saw his vision go white and when he opened his eyes he looked to see his "mother" looking down at him and his brother.

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