The Negative Chronicles

Author: Fluffypie
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What is The Negative Chronicles

Read The Negative Chronicles novel written by the author Fluffypie on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering system, comedy, magic, mystery, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What lays beyond death? Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? Emptiness? If you are a seeker of truth, look no further. For a price of only negative zero dollars, the Negative Chronicles can help you send the poor protagonist of this novel on a special journey in a not so positive direction! Don't hesitate! It's a limited time sale and won't stay at negative zero for long! #godMC #dungeons

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A child hated by his parents, unwanted, is still young, but even so, he is already lost in the choices he has made in life. He is summoned to play a VR game, who summoned him? His own mother, who had previously abandoned him. The reason is to save the lives of the mother, grandfather (maternal) and all the human beings who have already died in the game. The stakes are high, the prize is to revives the players that deceased, but if, our young player loses, he also loses his life. Leaving the soul with the wizard king, the owner of the game. Summoned to play against his will, his son's own mother, who hates him, asks for his help, summons his son's presence when he realizes she has no more options, and dies in the game. At first she dies in life too, her only chance is to hope that his son wins and chooses as a prize: saving the lives of the players who died. The problem is that the player does not believe in himself, does not want to play and does not recognize his abilities. With a stroke of luck he advances with the first tasks, but is caught between the fear of losing and the desire to win. Classic! The opponent... The witch king, owner of the game, also known as death. The game is a virtual reality that simulates life and each person has their own mission assigned by the cruel and disingenuous king. Typically the mission involves facing our hero's biggest fear: being sober for a week. Faced with the adversities planned by the wizard king. To help our hero he has as his ally the spirit of his grandfather alongside the spirit of the only player to win. Acting as the protagonist's ID and Superego. The story takes place in the not too distant future! In our reality, the world around us. The witch king has traps prepared along the way, but he doesn't suspect that our hero has an opening.

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时家养在外面的小女儿从村里回来了,恶名昭著众人嫌,其中尤以两个傲娇哥哥嫌弃得厉害。 刚开始,二人冷漠至极—— 时北墨:“我那妹妹一无是处,还丑得要命。” 时北铭:“我没有妹妹。” 随着一个个马甲被人扒落,众人纷纷惊呆。 什么?著名学府创办人是她,顶级黑客是她,医术天才也是她,各路大佬争相追捧,最后竟然连首富都过来抢人了! 没多久,二人逐渐化身炫妹狂魔—— 时北墨:“我妹妹贼厉害,大佬们都喊她老大!” 时北铭:“我有且只有一个妹妹。” 再后来,有记者拍到时染身边总是跟着一个高大帅气的男生,给她拎包,给她打伞,还给她系鞋带! 俩哥纷纷跳脚:“哪家的小兔崽子,休想拐走我妹!” 祁昭搂着小姑娘的细腰撒娇,声音好听至极:“染染,你哥哥他们好可怕。” 时染给怀里的小可怜顺毛:“乖,不怕。” 当男人鸭舌帽下英俊冷酷的面容露出来的那一刻,全网沸腾。 这不是那个商圈只手遮天,位高权重的祁大魔鬼吗!!! * 豪门宴席上,有人拍到时染唇上多了块伤口,成为聚焦点的她淡定解释,“被狗咬的。” 话音刚落,耳畔便响起道戏谑而危险的嗓音,“那夫人应该不介意再多咬几次吧。” 十分钟后,有人撞见祁大魔鬼把小姑娘按在了墙上...... 【团宠+掉马】【双洁甜宠!可甜可盐护短小仙女*斯文败类深情大魔王】

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