The Most Pampered Daughter in History Book

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The Most Pampered Daughter in History

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"I'm your mother, Zhi Zhi!" Having been raised by everyone in the village, Qin Zhi finally reunited with her parents at five. She turned from an ugly duckling to a rich daughter blessed with a beautiful mother, a gentle father, and a kind grandfather... as well as seven brothers who pampered her rotten. As the heir, her eldest brother was silent, but he would let her sit on his lap and tie her hair at home. Her second brother was a scientific researcher who was prudent and rational but would kindly instruct her at home. Her third brother was a heartthrob and movie star but an attention seeker who only wanted Qin Zhi's affection. Her fourth brother was a genius doctor but would put on magic shows for her at home and cook gourmet food to earn her favor. Her fifth brother was a handsome prodigy artist whose works were worth millions, but he did not mind folding them into paper planes to cheer her up. Her sixth brother was a rebellious school bully and a rockstar, but he cut off his favorite rainbow hair so he won't scare her and turned a new leaf by becoming the school prefect. Her seventh brother was two-faced, had a sharp tongue, and was ready to destroy anyone who bullied his younger sister with words. Having lived a troubled life since birth, Qin Zhi was finally home, a little princess to be spoiled rotten!


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