9 Pulling The Strings Of Future!

'And when does the said thing will take place? Obviously, not immediately. If not, then those four bullies and Gullu should have died immediately. But there was a long time difference between the time I used my powers and their death. Although I don't know the exact time of the death of Gullu, what I do know is that the four bullies died after almost about 7 hours after I used my powers. I used my powers at about 2:30 P.M and my dad said that he saw their dead bodies on the road at about 9:40 P.M. So, does my power need about 7 hours to work? Then If I specify the time for the said thing, would it take place at that exact moment? Hmm…but if my power really needs 7 hours to work then the time set for the said thing to take place has to be after those 7 hours. Or what if it can happen before that if I did specify the time?'

'And are there any limitations to my powers? Like, its use can be only once a day? But didn't I use it twice that day? Oh! I almost forgot about the exhaustion I feel after using it! Is that the limitation? If I continue to use my powers, will I faint due to over-exhaustion? Argh! I can't think of so many things at the same time! My head is getting dizzy. Let's just do experiments and find out about my powers step by step. Don't have to be so hasty, right? I've got much time for it.' Saksham thought.

"So, let's first test what is the limit of my powers usage. Hmm….What should I try it on?" Saksham mused, "Oh, yeah! Let's do this first."

Saksham checked the time in his wristwatch and found that it was 7:45 A.M, calculated a bit and then said, "At 3:30 P.M, relatives will visit our home. At 4:00 P.M, a large group of dogs will bite a group of people under our house, in the streets, though there should be no fatalities. At 8:00 P.M, another encounter will take place, taking the life of another gangster in Ghaziabad. At 8:30 P.M, there will be a huge donation made to a nearby orphanage."

At one go, Saksham said a couple of things. But before he could go on any further with his words, he felt the familiar heat rising from his mouth, spreading to every corner of his body along with the familiar feeling of exhaustion. But this time, something was different. Saksham suddenly felt blank in his head and he staggered 2 steps before holding onto a tree on the side of the road to make himself stable. After steading himself a little, Saksham greedily sucked in air like a cow. His forehead was sweating as if he had run a marathon. Only after 5 minutes of rest was Saksham able to stand on his two feet without the tree's support.

"What the hell was that?! My heart literally almost stopped beating for a second! I really felt like I was going to die! Is this the limitation? After using my powers, I am going to get tired like this? but what if I use my powers again to get myself in the best condition? Will the sequelae disappear? I really want to try it but I don't want to experience that feeling again." Saksham fell into a dilemma.

In the end, curiosity killed the cat and fortunately, Saksham was not that cat here.

"Recover to the best condition," said Saksham quietly.

Suddenly, Saksham felt a soothing and warm feeling rising from his feet, sweeping upwards as if a full body wash except there was no water here. Slowly that soothing feeling disappeared and the exhaustion along with it. But Saksham was not happy with this. Why, you ask? It is because although Saksham was not feeling exhausted anymore, there still existed a lingering feeling of stuffiness and heaviness as if heavy stones were weighing on his chest. He had a little difficulty breathing with it.

"So, I succeeded and failed at the same time. Exhaustion disappeared but this mysterious feeling is still there. Why can't my powers affect it? I did say to recover to my best condition this stuffiness is definitely not something I should have. Just what the hell is this?" Saksham rubbed his temples.

Although Saksham couldn't complete his list which he had prepared in his heart, he did say most of them. The only things that were left on his list were that in the nearby hospital, all the terminally ill patients will be recovered magically, there will be a huge thunderstorm in this area and he will be able to memorize and understand everything in my school textbooks. Saksham first started with things that would easily be able to happen and would definitely be no problem for his powers to make them happen. But then, he realized that what he was doing now was finding the limitations of his powers. So, he had to change his next sentences or wishes to outright presumptuous things. Only the gods would be able to achieve these mind-boggling feats.

The idea of memorizing everything in his textbooks came to his mind when he thought that if his powers could do so much to other people and things, then what about himself? Could he use them for himself? But alas, he couldn't use his powers anymore for now. And he vaguely felt that the bigger the scale of his "wishes" were, the more tired and exhausted he will get. Fortunately, he didn't speak fast and said the thunderstorm thingy or else...he would have to use "Late" before his name.

Saksham shook his head and started walking towards the school while taking big gulps on air occasionally. Now, all that was left was wait and see the results. Just thinking about all these things happening according to his words, Saksham couldn't help but tremble with excitement.


[A.N- Dear readers, I need your help. What should we call his powers? I did use "wish" for it once but I feel weird using it. So, please suggest the cool names of his powers for me to use in the comment section. I really can't think of a good one myself. Until I find a new name for it, I will be using "wish" for it.]

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