The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

"Missus, time to fulfil your duties!” Mu Yuchen demanded as he pulled Xi Xiaye closer with his arms intimately wrapped around her waist. — It was a meticulously planned feast for the powerful. Her fiancé had knelt down on one knee and proposed to her sister instead. Robbed of her right to her inheritance, she was prepared for the Xi family to throw her to the wolves. As she slipped away from her family that had turned their backs on her, she found him — Mu Yuchen, the low-profile and reserved noble that ruled City Z and led Glory World Corporation. “Mu Yuchen, let’s get married!” He looked up at her, then suddenly stood up. “Where are you going?” "Let’s go. Any later and the civil affairs bureau will be closed.”

Bei Chuan Yun Shang Jin · Urban
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2152 Chs

After Dongfang Liuyun said this, she lowered her head and continued eating her meal.

Qi Lei thought about it and did not say anything else. He also began to eat in silence.

After lunch, the couple did not go out. Instead, they went straight to the study to handle official business. Dongfang Liuyun occupied the desk while Qi Lei sat on the sofa and began to call Yang Sheng to arrange for an artist to perform, there was also the matter of modifying Dongfang Liuyun's plans and promotions.

Qi Lei had always been involved in the activities that Dongfang Liuyun was responsible for, so it was not difficult for him to familiarize himself with them. Moreover, Qi Lei was already familiar with this area. It seemed like it was a common occurrence for him to be involved in the promotion of movies and artists, he was even more adept at modifying and dealing with it.