The Most Generous Master Ever

Ye Qiu transmigrated to a world of barren wastelands. He obtained the 10,000 Fold Return System. By teaching or giving his disciples something, he could obtain high critical chance returns. [Ding! You gave your disciple a Marrow Cleansing Pill. You activated a 1000 fold critical chance. You obtained a God Marrow Pill.] [Ding! You passed on ten years of cultivation to your disciple. You activated a 100 fold critical chance. You obtained 1,000 years of cultivation.] [Ding! You gave your disciple a superb grade treasure, the Zixia sword. You activated a 10,000 fold critical chance. You obtained a Deity Sword Cloud.] His disciples praised, “Master, you are so generous. You always give us everything you have.”

Su Yu · Eastern
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1121 Chs

You Have So Many Enemies

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"Hey, hey, hey, shouldn't you be the one doing this? As a senior brother, you should take care of your junior brother." Ye Qingxuan panicked. This was not something a human could do. Wasn't asking him to fight the Immortal Bird one-on-one risking his life?

A few hundred yuan a month, not worth my life.

"Hey, what are you saying? Are you faster than me at a time like this?"


"Then that's it. When the treasure vault opens, I'll go in and sweep through it. I'll give you some later. Let's discuss it."

"No, no."

No matter how reasonable Ye Qiu's words were, Ye Qingxuan couldn't believe his nonsense. In his words, he would rather believe that there were ghosts in this world than believe Ye Qiu's words. He could cheat people without paying for it.