9 9.Ruthless

He made his way past the large living room and was walking past the second living room but stopped when he saw his mate, he couldn't just pass by while that woman embarrass him further. He told her the second living was hers so she could tend to the needs of the pack females not gossiping with her no-good leeching friends.

"Betty, don't you have other plans for the day?" He asked interrupting her conversation with her friends who bowed their heads when they noticed his presence.

Ashamed of herself Betty dispatched her friends and hurried upstairs, she hadn't even showered. She knew Treize would punish her but she couldn't help but get excited, the man was very creative with his punishment, the only downside was the prolonged scolding and constant reminder of whose mate she was.

Treize glanced at his mate one more time before proceeding to his office, disappointment in his look. As he entered, he saw Joe his beta standing beside his table, and on one of the chairs facing it sat the mayor of clove town, the town near blue moon pack, the man is his business partner and his old friend.

He and the fat old mayor have been doing business for years but never fully trusted each other. Whenever Treize invaded territories and conquer them, he would call the mayor to harvest their natural resources and give him his cut from whatever was earned. The mayor in turn let him own the territorial lands till it was ready for harvest again. Clove Town was pretty wealthy and independent regardless of their little size.

Trieze didn't bother about the invaded packs residents, they could go to hell for all he cared and he never accepted them into blue moon pack either. Worst off was the hurtful fact that he murdered their Alphas thus the reason blue moon pack was always a target for the vengeful homeless wolves. He also had guard wolves restrict them from entering their packs.

The mayor is aware of what Treize uses the money he gives him which scares him the more. He knows this ruthless Alpha cares very little about his kind except for his pack and this is because he loved power and it was his birthplace.

Treize made a deal with the mayor never to come near blue moon pack territory. The two met many years ago when the mayor was checking deep in the forest close to blue moon park territory for natural resources.

Treize told him not to come near his territory otherwise it would mean war. The mayor was among the very few people that knew of the existence of supernatural creatures so he apologized and left but was surprised after a few days when Treize came back to offer him a deal.

A deal he could never refuse, he was to harvest natural resources of packs invaded by the sly wolf, he agreed to give Treize a large cut as long as he could keep the territory's Wolves away from his men while they worked.

Treize glanced at the mayor for a moment before mind linking his beta who had important information for him, <"Any news?">

<"Yes the beta of moon park just informed me that their Alpha has agreed to meet us in two days, ">Beta Joe responded.

Trieze replied with a pleased tone,< "That's great news have your wife prepare for the occasion. ">##

Usually, it was the luna with the assistant of the beta's and gamma's wife that oversee such events, but Trieze knew better than to trust Betty with important things, the girl was only good in bed, he thought.

Joe proceeded to mind link his wife about the details but didn't move from his spot next to Treize, he was his beta and best friend. He was well aware of all of Treize's dealings with the mayor although he didn't support them, there wasn't much he could do.

Treize walked over to his seat and sat, his fingers tapping his desk as he waited patiently for the mayor to end his call. When the mayor was done he got up to greet Treize with a friendly handshake, Treize did the same as both parties flashed each other fake smiles.

Taking his seat, Treize asked, "What brings you here old fox?".

The mayor was a man in his late sixties but his love for money did not let him retire, "can't I visit an old friend anymore?" mayor Mark asked with a half-smile.

"Mark, why are you here?"Treize repeated his question, this time with a serious tone.

Mayor Mark stroked his grey goaty as he began, "Fine, it seems you are in no mood for games, I want to know if you've succeeded in convincing the Alpha of crescent pack to be on our side."

"He just agreed to meet up, old fox be patient and let me do my thing, "Treize said, relaxing back on his chair, he didn't like humans entering his territory but had to put up with this one and his guards.

With that being said the mayor got up to take his leave, he didn't just come to ask one question and leave, what he had planted in Treize's office without getting caught was his real mission , "I trust you can handle him." he said flashing Treize with a false smile and shaking him goodbye.

Treize smiled as well, his guts told him something was off so his mind linked his beta to escort Mark and his people out of the pack territory, he didn't want the old man taking any detours.

"See you soon Mark, "Treize saluted with his hand as his beta closed the door.

He frowned after the door closed, stroking his tempo he remembered how he has been trying to meet up with the Alpha of crescent pack for decades now to discuss forming a pact but the Alpha had turned him down every time. He didn't give up because he was one of the Alphas Trieze feared.

The Alpha of crescent pack is a pure-blood Alpha, the rarest and most deadly kind of alpha. To top that, crescent pack is royalty, being among one of the oldest packs in existence. By land, the blue moon pack surpasses the royal pack but by the army, crescent pack cannot be matched.

"Everything must be perfect on that day, " Treize thought.

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