82 82. With that type of body, she is probably 16 or 15..."

 "Appa , can you hear me?" Sohee said but got no response.

 Orion's hair and crimson robe was swaying with the gentle breeze around him . His eyes was unblinkingly shut. Yes, he heard her but didn't move.

 Sohee immediately fell on her knees and started crying nasty. "Appa please forgive me, take back my powers I don't deserve them wu~"

 Orion, "…"

 Sohee was terrified, her father returned her powers yesterday and ungrounded her like she didn't do anything. The guilt was eating deep in her soul.

 Her eyes began to swell just like her lips and red nose. She looked very unpresentable, even the rim of her shirt was stained with black tears.

 "Appa, please forgive me, I will apologize to your mate, give me her number , I will call right now just please say something… Anything… "


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