75 75. Step daughter Sohee

 Orion smiled bitterly. In his heart there was turmoil . He knew she was modern and preferred to take things slow but it was torturous for him. He had been single for eons.

 ' Try leaving for so long without a soulmate and you will understand my desperation. '

 Maybe due to the powers of the true mate bond, Arielle could feel Orion's despair , it pricked her heart but it she could not compromise for him. It had been her motto right from time , it was the same pattern she tried with Brian. Sadly that guy was not mentally stable.

 "You made them play dress up as well? "She asked on a lighter note. "I think I should change your name from fancy pants to Mr. Overboard, it was unnecessary!"

 "That is how they dress daily, "Orion lied with a straight face.

 The servants eyes fell out of their skulls due to the heavy lie. They dressed decently but not in hanbok.

 ' Master is such a skilled liar. ' one of the manservant courageously said in his heart.


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