39 39. Road tripping

Hayden was shocked, she came out of it with a smile. " I am proud of you bro, finally."

Kayden simpered with his eyes. "If he doesn't want to be serious, I will make him serious. I love him and can't abandon him but I know my worth. "Pecking his twin on the forehead he added before leaving through his window. "See you soon sis, love you."

Not too far from him behind the trees stood a naked Jeremiah who was facing the opposite direction.

"Wolfy back ride?" He said with his hands extended.

"Yeah, they would be nice." Kayden said as he took Jeremiah's clothes from his hand.

He climbed on Jeremiah's back then he leaped in the air, transforming Instantly. He didn't want to be seen with Kayden thus the need to follow the pack's blindspots which he guards with another trusted patrol wolf.

He stopped behind some trees close to a black-tinted Hummer Jeep. Kayden got off him then he transformed. Wearing his clothes he noticed Kayden had been silent.

Jeremiah stretched his hand to lift his chin as asked. "What is wrong, babe?"

Kayden forced a smile, his eyes on Jeremiah's face. He couldn't look down at his mate's attractive body as he dressed, Jeremiah made the no sex until after marriage rule, forcing him to push away his heat every time it came.

After wearing his shirt, Jeremiah held Kayden's hand as they walked to the car.

A foot before the Jeep, Kayden stopped moving. Jeremiah narrowed. "This is truly the last time, no excuses after this, you have until the end of this month to introduce me to your family because I am going to introduce you to mine sooner than you think." Kayden clarified with a stony face.

Jeremiah forced a smile, he didn't make any comments, he opened the car door for Kayden to get in and only went to his side when he had properly put the seat belt on.

"I got crispy chicken and chocolate. "Jeremiah said as he handed the packs of things he mentioned to Kayden.

Kayden gladly took them, he immediately began to dig in with glee. Jeremiah stared at him in awe, the food combinations were too peculiar for his understanding and it's his favorite food! Kayden will kiss anyone with chicken and chocolate!

"Want some?"Kayden asked the now driving Jeremiah after eating almost all of the junk food.

Jeremiah laughed as he shook his head. "Eat your junk alone I have no interest."

Kayden shrugged. "Suit yourself." He said and continued eating.

Stroking the back of Kayden's head with his other hand on the steering wheel, Jeremiah adds. "There's real food at the back."

Kayden looked back and was not surprised by the abundance of junk food, bottled water, and healthy takeouts lying on the seats. His mate loves to spoil him.

Being a part of the alpha family came with its perks. Although Treize is a shitty leader, he did not want other people to see his family members as poor, every member of the family can beat their chest and say to the world that they are millionaires.

The trip went on peacefully, Jeremiah had to stop a lot to deliver invites to the packs while Kayden stayed in the car.

They were having fun with Kayden occasionally yelling. "Road tripping with you is the best!"

All was well until Jedidiah called. ("Bro, how many invitations do you have left?")

"Not much, "Jeremiah said, he gazes at Kayden whose mood suddenly became sullen.

He tried to touch him but got pushed away while the upset boy leaned on the window.

("Well I still got a handful, I wish it was a twin trip, we would have been done ages ago.") Jedidiah whined.

"We'll soon be done, common, you've got this, do it for Ari."Jeremiah tried to cajole him.

It worked, ("yeah, you are right, for Ari.") Jedidiah said with enthusiasm.

Jeremiah didn't like the frown on Kayden's face so he said. "I will call you later Jed, I have reached a stop."

("Me too, call me when you are done.") Jedidiah said then hung up.

Jeremiah sighed, he rubbed Kayden's jawline with his thumb. "He is still my brother, I know you don't like him but he's my blood."

"I never said he is your enemy." Kayden rudely answered back.

Jeremiah took his hand back to the steering wheel, if he tried to speak they would fight, and the silence will die eventually.

Kayden's strong dislike for Jedidiah was natural since he is a homophobic person. He nicknamed him fag much to his dismay, Jeremiah tries to help sometimes but never scolds his brother enough for him to stop the bullying, it was as if he feared his twin.

Jeremiah drove into star pack after the guard wolves opened the gates, he is friends with the Luna. Although he never told the Luna, he loved their pack and wished the blue moon pack was like it.

"Don't you want to say hi to Gidi?" He asked.

Kayden opened his mouth for the first time after the call. "Sure..." he said. "Go on without me ."

Jeremiah smiled but his eyes were pessimistic. He took an invitation from his dashboard and got off the Jeep.

Entering the packhouse, he was welcomed by a sweet humming sound from an conter tenor voice.

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