37 37. You haven't suffered enough

Treize's mood was caused by his loss of connection to the facilities. He went to see things for himself only to get devastated, he couldn't find the two factories, as they vanished from their spots.

He immediately assumed that Teddy did it because the contract oath had been lying on his desk for a while followed by constant reminders from Teddy's subordinates for him to sign.

He was hesitant because of the repercussions attached that was the reason for the delay but now he feels anger, he wasn't informed time about the sabotage...

But who informs anyone about sabotage?

The only good news he got was from his astrologers, they informed him that the moon would be coming sooner than expected. It gladdened him, his artificial powers will become one with his wolf powers once under the blue moon and he will show the other alphas his new powers.


Jeremiah stared at the boy that is seating at the edge of the sparkling Maru stream that glows under the moonlight and smiled sadly.

Heaving, he knelt beside the boy. He hesitated before touching his shoulder. "Can I seat?"

"It's a freaking open space, sit anywhere you want. "Kayden spat as he threw a rock in the water.

"Common Kay, haven't I suffered enough? You almost died and I wasn't there to save you because you didn't want to see me. I felt your distress and called but it went straight to voicemail, it was at the time I saw the text so I thought it was the breakup causing it, a breakup I don't want." Jeremiah said, his fingers caressing Kayden's curls.

Kayden shoved the hand away. "No." He cried. "You have not suffered enough, I don't give a damn about your explanation. I only came here to make it official, we are through. I can't date a person who can't tell his family that I am his mate cause they hate gays. I love you crazy Jerry but I can't go on like this."

Jedidiah bite his lips as he wiped away Kayden's tears. He didn't want this, no, he doesn't want to hurt his mate. He forced Kayden to hug him although the boy kept struggling to break free.

"Kayden, please have mercy on me, I almost fainted when I went to your house and your sister said you didn't return home. I searched for you." Jeremiah chuckled bitterly before continuing. "When Arielle told me what happened I swear I couldn't breathe anymore, I wanted to kill that bastard. I am sorry, please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive. "Kayden murmured. "It's the Goddess's will that I am still alive." "I don't want to do this anymore Jerry, we have been at it for years but every year the same story. We should stop, we aren't mates since we haven't done it. We can move on..."

Jeremiah interrupted him as his eyes turned alpha blue. "Remember Ryan?" He whispered in his alpha voice. Kayden gulped but knew better than not replying. He nodded. "Next time I won't just hospitalize him like the last time, I will kill the next, I swear."

"Jeremiah!" Kayden's voice shrank. He knew Jeremiah is capable of his threats. He had done a lot of things in the past for Jeremiah to come out of the closet but it all failed, Ryan was unfortunate, he was hospitalized with broken limbs and bruises from a wolf attack, that wolf was Jeremiah.

He might be a closet gay person but he is very jealous when it comes to Kayden. Their secret relationship had lasted for four years since Jeremiah shifted.

Kayden had openly come out with his sexuality years ago although he wasn't accepted. He got bullied for it but somehow Jeremiah reckoned the bully's lessons they would never forget without exposing their relationship.

The beta family had strong morals and couldn't accept some current norms which are why Jeremiah is still buried in the closet even his twin is a profound hater of the LGBTQ community among werewolves, he wouldn't associate with the ' rejects' as he calls them.

It makes it harder for Jeremiah to come clean, he had to lie to his brother that he had sex with a female whereas he is still a virgin and so is his mate.

"Just a little more time, Arielle will soon become Alpha and I promise you, I will bring you to the packhouse as my mate. Please, Kay, I beg you. Just a little more." Jeremiah pleaded, he kissed Kayden's ear.

"Omg!!!" Kayden's alto voice took a high pitch. "Arielle wants to be alpha? Yas queen you rock! Blue moon pack will be the best!" He said excitedly.

Jeremiah laughed. ' Did he not hear the part I promised to tell the world we are mates? '

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