532 Cole's Wrath

The Great Arena had a set of six elevators separated by an equal distance between each other, as well as the staircases, that coiled around them.

As Cole spoke from the front of one staircase, King Davin spoke from another. Alpha Jackson spoke from another while Beta Alpha Jason, Beta Alpha Kyle and one more beta spoke from the remaining three staircases, speaking loudly and in sync so that their voices carried on through the whole floor.

"We are making a simple roll call to record those we still have with us and those we've… lost," the six powerhouses' voices boomed across the circular floor, holding just as much might as they held sorrow. 

After Cole's show of thunder and the arrival of looming storm clouds, speaking to the gathering went smoothly. No one questioned the six highly-ranked werewolves again.

'How are we going to do this?' Cole asked over the mind link.

'Civilians first.'


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