The Monsters First Love Book

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The Monsters First Love


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Madeline Colter despises her country, Grandor, home to the most conservative and racist people to exist, the only country to reject people of other species while having a half-vampire prince. But when the prince comes of age and every woman in the country is forced to participate in a competition for the position of queen, Madeline is dragged into it. She expected to be failed immediately, not that she'd meet with the so-called feared prince and realize they may not be so different after all. Alexei, known as the fearful war monger prince, feels little affection for anyone. Ostracised among nobility with his only protector now dead he has to pick a queen to ascend the throne. What he hadn't expected was to meet a girl that would make him realize how touch-starved he truly was. —————————- I stared at the people below me, all their faces enamoured with awe as they beheld me. I was a commoner moments before, but here I sat- a crown atop my head. I felt his fingers squeeze my hand and tried to stop my flinch. His red eyes boring into the side of my face. I knew he was grinning from ear to ear. I knew he had set all this up for me. Not to show me. But… to warn me. Thousands of eyes leered at me and I knew what was to come would be much worse than what had already happened. “Long Live the King and his Queen!” The chants began and I could feel a prickle in the corner of my eyes. “Do not cry”. His cold words were warmer than the finger that brushed my eyelid. My eye stilled and slid toward him. “This is all yours now. Just as much as it is mine. A country in the hands of those who hate it. Let’s ruin it all”. The fire burning in those eyes shook my core. “Long… live the king” I said slowly and deliberately, watching his smile stretch further. “Long live the queen”. ———————- I looked at the massacre around us. There was blood everywhere… why didn't he care for that? "Why do you want mine?" I asked curiously, face turning pink when he lifted his intoxicated eyes towards me and his face was flushed, lips panting. It sent a strange thrill through me to see a man of such power on his knees, practically begging. "I want all of you. Everything" he laid a kiss on my skin, breathing in the scent. Warning: slow- burn R18


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