The Monk in the MCU

Ever wondered what Ichibe, or someone with his powers could achieve in the MCU? If yes, then this story is for you. Go ahead.... read it .... do it now!!!

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My head hurt. That was the feeling that was most prominent when waking up.

Confused I held my head and tried to shake off my dizziness. My whole body hurt. As my vision got better, I started to take in my surroundings.

I was lying among a group of corpses. All around me there were dead people. I did not know what had happened and was just about to hyperventilate when I relaxed.

The situation got clear, and I knew what happened. Genocide. He was in a mass grave.

Countless people lay all around him. Everyone had different expressions on their faces. Most were shot and some died through blunt force.

He looked next to him and could see a man and a woman lying close to each other. They had their hands interlocked and had solemn looks. As soon as he wondered who they were, the same thing happened again.

They were his parents. Or at least this body's parents. And around them were many more family members of his. They were all killed.

Tears ran down his face. And without him being able to stop it, he began to cry. He was truly sad, even though he had never seen these people before.

After about 20 minutes of him crying and trying to stop, he finally managed to get a hold of himself.

It was very weird. He felt the love and care he had for these people. And the sadness he felt was real. After calming down somewhat, he asked himself the core question.

Who is he?

The answer came to him again. Like he always knew the answer to that. His name was … Ichibe Hyosube.

He widened his eyes. There was no way! He knew who this was. It all made somewhat sense now. How he was able to know the names of people and occurrences as well. Everything has a name and Ichibe Hyosube is the Monk who calls the name.

He was Ichibe now. He had no idea how this happened. He knew of those novels and fanfictions about reincarnation and transmigration. Well, he was 15 so it was probably transmigration.

But it didn't matter anyway now. He was here now, and he was going to have to accept that.

Ichibe thought for a moment. What was he supposed to do? Then he thought of something.

Why not abuse his power? He was the Monk that calls the name, so he is going to call some names now.

First question. Where is he? Okinoshima Island, Japan.

Second question. What year is it? 1980 Gregorian calendar.

Third question. In which universe am I? Marvel Cinematic Universe. Earth-199999.

O, boy. It seems I am in those Marvel movies that were so popular and then apparently went down the drain. He had never seen more than the first one. They were not his cup of tea.

He was sure the mistake was on his side and not in the movies. Nonetheless, he would have been happy to know some things about this dangerous place. A rich man with a red metal suit was coming and that was what he knew.

Then he decided to bury these people. Or at least his family and then dump the others in the sea. He couldn't make a fire. That would be seen far and wide and maybe tell the ones who did this that he was still alive.

So Ichibe got to work. He had to use stones to dig up the ground. He felt that he was stronger than before. It must be the number of dead that lay on the ground.

He was a Shinigami. That meant reaper of souls. So, it was possible that the energy that these souls emitted unlocked his powers and even strengthened him.

After a few hours of working, Ichibe had finally buried his family and thrown all the others off the island. He could not remember a lot of his childhood here. It did not matter anyway.

Ichibe asked himself what to do now. He had no money, nothing to his name. And more importantly, he had no way to get off this island.

The only thing he had was his own strength. But swimming this distance was next to impossible. He might be stronger now but not strong enough yet to survive such distances at sea.

So he decided to meditate. He was going to become a monk not only in name. So meditation seemed like the wisest choice to find inner peace. He was sure of it. Inner peace was the solution for him.

It would allow him to get to terms with his family's death, this would mean that he won't push those feelings back and deal with them right away. This way they would not resurface and give him trouble.

And it would also allow him to fully accept his situation and truly become Ichibe Hyosube.

Ichibe had never meditated before. So, this took a while. He first tried to clear his mind of all unnecessary thoughts. He breathed in very deeply and exhaled just as deeply.

Very slowly he managed to clear his mind and calm down. He went over everything he had experienced in the last few hours. His family, his childhood, his life he had lost in another reality, the death of his new family, their funeral, his situation in a dangerous world, his new identity and finally his role.

Each step was slow and he had to clear himself of all negative emotions to 'clean' his inner river of emotions. This did not mean that he would never get angry again. But it meant that he would not let anger control him.

It was balance in himself and with his surroundings. And with that, he found inner peace and spiritual balance.

When that happened, Ichibe felt a rush of energy flow through him. It was a huge amount. It threatened to make him burst like a water balloon.

Ichibe still in meditation, focused on making the energy flow through every cell in his body. Then he made the energy flow in a steady cycle, repeatedly until it became natural.

The amount of energy increased and Ichibe condensed it slowly. This made the energy purer and more powerful as well.

This energy that he knew to be spirit energy flowed through his entire being. His muscles were strengthened beyond compare. His brain and nerves were affected and sent out information at speeds that were not comprehendible.

His intelligence was not directly affected that much but his spirituality, if you can call it that, shot through the roof. Ichibe opened his eyes and saw it. In front of him were souls staring at him and looking at him with questioning gazes.

The world had gotten a whole lot more colourful for Ichibe.

After the process was finished, Ichibe felt a pull from somewhere. He could have ignored the pull or broken the connection off, but he felt no ill will towards him, so he let himself be pulled.