1 The Young Man and the Red Snake

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The sun shone through the window into Gu Ning's eyes on a sunny day.

Gu Ning rolled over to avoid the sun. He was stretching, but suddenly, his right foot poked out of the quilt.

Gu Ning was only wearing a pair of boxers. There was a strange tattoo of a red snake on his inner thigh.

The little red snake coiled around him as if it was in a dream.

All of a sudden, the little red snake stuck out its tongue and opened its eyes.

Then, the little red snake raised its head and looked around like a child who had not woken up yet.

Throughout the whole process, the little red snake had remained as a tattoo on Gu Ning's skin.

The little red snake was not confined to Gu Ning's inner thigh anymore. It started to move along Gu Ning's upper body.

Soon, the little red snake also got into the quilt. It first circled around Gu Ning's arms, then came to Gu Ning's neck.

It was as if Gu Ning's body had turned into the little red snake's exclusive playground.

The little red snake finally came to Gu Ning's chest. It laid its head on Gu Ning's heart as if it was listening to Gu Ning's heartbeat.

Then it jumped up abruptly. At the same time, a red halo appeared on Gu Ning's body.

Then, the quilt on Gu Ning's chest bulged. The little red snake appeared, standing on Gu Ning's lower arm.

The little red snake was not big. It was about as thin as a finger. It was only about 20 centimeters long. One could easily wrap one's fingers around its body.

Although the red snake was small, it was still heavy. The moment it came out of Gu Ning's skin, he felt its existence.

Gu Ning opened his eyes slightly and woke up from his dream.

The little red snake noticed Gu Ning had woken up. It moved closer to Gu Ning while sticking out its tongue. It did not want to hurt Gu Ning, but was rubbing Gu Ning's cheek gently with its head.

Gu Ning looked at the little red snake in front of him. He smiled and said in a gentle voice, "Good morning, Xiao Hong."

The little red snake moved closer to Gu Ning. It licked the tip of Gu Ning's nose with its tongue.

"Your saliva is sticky. I don't need you to help me wash my face."

Gu Ning rubbed his eyes with one hand and picked up the little red snake with the other. He sat up and got ready to go to the washroom.

The snake looked at Gu Ning pitifully. Gu Ning forced a smile and said, "I'm going to wash up. Do you want to come with me? Don't you hate water?"

Seeing that, the snake had to lower its head to compromise.

However, after Gu Ning placed it on the bed, the snake seemed to be able to smell Gu Ning's body scent again. It quickly raised its head again and happily went under Gu Ning's quilt.

Gu Ning could not help smiling because of the snake's cuteness.

Gu Ning, who was heading to the sink, saw the strong muscles reflected in front of the mirror, which did not match his 15-year-old age. It was obvious that he loved to exercise.

Unfortunately, in this new era of monster trainers, it did not matter how robust one's body was. Only a powerful tamer could be the king.

Gu Ning did not belong to this world.

He came from another planet called the Solar System.

One day, he had accidentally traveled to this planet called the Blue Planet and started a new life here with the same name as in his previous life.

What surprised him was that this blue planet was no different from the earth he had lived on in his previous world.

However, many years ago, the blue planet had undergone a mutation, and the creatures began to return to their ancestors.

In just an instant, all kinds of ferocious beasts with extraordinary abilities appeared, carrying out a destructive attack on humans.

This made the humans who were originally at the top of the food chain become the prey of the ferocious beasts over a single night.

Fortunately, in the midst of evolution and crisis, technology allowed human life to achieve a qualitative leap!

Thus, with the help of technology, the humans of the new era, the Beastmasters, were born!

A Beastmaster was able to enter into a bloodline contract with a ferocious beast that possessed extraordinary power, turning all kinds of ferocious beasts into his own contracted beast!

The contracted beast would fuse with the body of the Beastmaster in the form of a contract tattoo. It could even leave the body of the Beastmaster and move independently!

Meanwhile, the familiar could borrow the extraordinary energy in the bloodline of the contracted Beast and fuse itself with the blood and Qi in the human body, erupting extraordinary power comparable to that of a ferocious beast!

With the arrival of a new era, the human race would no longer differentiate between countries. Instead, they would form a unified Blue Star Federation. New humans would be born and live in the Blue Star Federation.

And now, with the arrival of the era of the universal familiar.

All citizens of the Blue Star Federation could have their own contracted beasts!

The stronger the contracted beast, the stronger the ability of the Beastmaster!

Everyone could become a powerful Beastmaster!

Unfortunately, Gu Ning, who had just entered the first year of high school, only had a common red snake.

Such a contracted beast did not have any outstanding attributes. In the eyes of the Beastmaster, it was just a useless pet. It was destined to have no future.

However, Gu Ning did not buy it for a single moment. He firmly believed that there were only useless monster trainers in the world, and no useless contracted beasts! He would make all the people who looked down on him reexamine their standing!

After Gu Ning washed up, he fixed his hair, changed into his school uniform, and prepared to go to school.

"Xiao Hong, stay at home and don't run around,"Gu Ning turned to the snake playing in the living room before he left.

After the snake nodded, Gu Ning opened the door.

At that moment, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in Gu Ning's mind.

[Ding! Super Pet breeding system activated]


Was this the legendary protagonist's Golden Finger System? 

As expected, novels did not lie. The transmigrator really possessed such a system!

Hearing the notification in his mind, Gu Ning was excited and surprised.

[Please choose your pet.]

A virtual interface appeared in front of him. There were no further introductions.

Only the words "Please choose your pet" kept flashing.

Gu Ning took a look at the little red snake that was crawling around in the living room.

[Pet confirmed: Red Snake]

[Breeding space: God's World]

"Breeding time: 1,000 years."

"The first breeding is subject to a 100-fold multiplier. Breeding time x 100. Fixed: 100,000 years."

"Start breeding..."

A purple vortex suddenly appeared around the little red snake and swallowed it. It disappeared from Gu Ning's sight.

Gu Ning did not realize it until then.


The system said... 100,000 years?

That was 100 millennia!

A single century would be enough for his ashes to vanish from the surface of the planet!

What was the point of having a contracted beast?!

But the system seemed to be dispelling Gu Ning's worries.

The information on the system panel was still changing. The remaining time was decreasing at a terrifying speed!

At this speed, 100,000 years would be over soon!

But what if my contracted beast does not survive in the space and dies?

Gu Ning was worried. He glanced at the side and saw a line of small words on an inconspicuous corner of the system. "The Pet Beast won't die in the breeding space.".

Gu Ning was relieved.

He found that it would take a long time for the snake to stay in the space for 100,000 years. Gu Ning decided to deal with it after school.

Thus, Gu Ning walked out of the house and went to school.

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