2 The First Year of High School in the World of Familiars

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Gu Ning slung his bag over his back and went to the bus stop early, waiting for the bus to go to school.

It had been fifteen years since Gu Ning had transmigrated to this world called the Blue Planet. At first, he was not used to it, but now he had completely integrated into it.

This included the unique ancient extraordinary power system of the Blue Planet, the familiar taming system!

This was an era where technology and beastmaster techniques were combined!

Beastmasters were able to form a bloodline contract with a ferocious beast that possessed extraordinary power, transforming the ferocious beast into a contracted beast. The contracted beast would then fuse with the Beastmaster's body in the form of a contract tattoo.

The Beastmaster would imprint the extraordinary attribute energy circuits contained within the contracted Beast's bloodline into his body. With the help of the blood energy in his body, he would release all sorts of extraordinary powers that were comparable to ferocious beasts!

Naturally, when it came to these matters, one could not avoid meeting a ferocious beast in one's lifetime!

Ferocious beasts were actually creatures that lived on the blue planet and possessed all sorts of powerful extraordinary powers. Because of this, the humans of a few centuries ago had suffered immensely in their hands.

The humans eventually discovered the mysteries of the ferocious beast's bloodline and finally innovated beastmaster techniques, exclusive to humans. Humans finally had the ability to contend with the ferocious beasts!

With the development of technology and social changes, the Blue Star Federation was established. In order to increase give humans a better chance against the ferocious beasts, they continued to expand the living space of humans.

The national familiars' program was officially formed! All citizens of the federation had their own contracted beasts! They had grown as common as the mobile phones in Gu Ning's original world!

The Blue Star Federation suggested that the recommended age for humans to form contracts was best around the age of 14. It was best to enter a bloodline contract with a young ferocious beast.

This way, the beast tamers could both bear the burden of the contract and grow up together with the contracted beasts.

They could use the bloodlines of the beasts to strengthen and transform their bodies and invigorate the bloodflow in their bodies!

Gu Ning came to the school, Blue High School. It was a high-class school for Gu Ning.

There were many rich kids and top students here. Gu Ning, who had a high score in the middle school examination, was admitted to this school by his own ability.

He entered the teaching building and went to his own class. Because school had just started a few days ago, the students were still very enthusiastic, so the students who came today were all very early.

Therefore, before Gu Ning reached the door, he heard the noise coming from the class of year one, class seven.

However, when Gu Ning walked to the door, the noise obviously decreased.

When Gu Ning returned to his seat, the male students who were chatting suddenly stopped talking and looked at him with strange eyes. Some of them even clenched their fists.

At the same time, Gu Ning heard the whispers among the male students:

"It's so unlucky to see him so early in the morning. Why is our goddess Yuxi sitting with this guy? He's so annoying!"

"He looks calm on the surface, but he must be secretly happy inside. He's pretending to be indifferent. It's disgusting!"

Gu Ning was used to these jealous looks. He knew why.

When he walked to his seat, all the boys in the class looked at Gu Ning and Liu Yuxi, the beauty of class seven, who had been sitting there for a long time.

Liu Yuxi crossed her hands and held her chin. She looked out of the window with a cold look in her eyes. She looked like a frigid, cold beauty.

That was why Gu Ning was the public enemy of all the boys in the class. After all, Liu Yuxi was pretty. Any normal person would want to be close to her.

However, the students of year 1 class 7 could only watch helplessly. The bald headteacher had for arranged Liu Yuxi to sit next to Gu Ning!

The most annoying thing was that Gu Ning acted like he did not care. It was as if he was sitting next to a dummy, which made the students even more jealous!

Gu Ning did not care, because Liu Yuxi was cold to everyone.

Even though Gu Ning was sitting next to her, Liu Yuxi only glanced at him, then turned her head back.

She did not respect others, so Gu Ning did not have a good impression of her at all.

Everyone was bored of watching such exchanges. They thought it lucky that Gu Ning was not smart enough, so they all went back to their seats.

Soon, the bell rang. A young male teacher came in.

The teacher raised his head like a swan and said to the students, "My name is Wang Chao. From today on, I'll be your year one, class seven's beastmaster."

When Wang Chao said this, the eyes of all the students, male and female lit up.

Even Liu Yuxi and Gu Ning, who were usually cold and flippant, could not help but pay more attention, because this teacher was teaching was the highly popular beast taming on the whole of Blue Planet!

Soon... Wang Chao began to teach, "As the name suggests, a beastmaster is an envoy who can control fierce beasts. It's an extremely noble existence. As a standard to distinguish the strength of a beastmaster, there are five levels of a beastmaster. from high to low, there are seven levels: S, A, B, C, D, E, and F."

"According to the social class, the graduating levels of the first, second, and third year of high school are F, E, and D. After graduation, you can be upgraded to become a beastmaster. For example, I'm a C-level beastmaster."

Gu Ning had heard about these levels. F was the most basic level. If a normal person could reach B level, they would be able to cause a bloodbath!

The highest grade, grade S, was even further out of reach. He remembered that there were only three of them in the entire Bluestar city!

The teacher continued, "The monster trainer can form a contract with the Beast and make it its own contracted beast."

"The contracted beast usually attaches itself to the surface of the body like a tattoo. During a battle, the beastmaster can summon the contracted beast to fight for itself."

The teacher clenched his right fist, and the tattoo on his right hand quivered in the power of a blue circle of light. Immediately after, a fierce wolf dog the size of a lion appeared in front of everyone!

The teacher waved his right hand, and the wolf-dog immediately jumped obediently in the direction of the teacher's right hand. After a blue flash, it transformed back into the pet tattoo on the surface of the teacher's body.

"The second commonly seen technique is when a monster trainer directly urges the contracted beast to combine with the blood and Qi in his body, forming a soul circuit on the surface of his body. From there, a beastmaster can possess the power of a contracted beast!"

As he said this, Wang Chao's face and hands suddenly underwent a drastic change. His eyebrows became thinner and longer, his face became more and more pointed, his teeth became extremely sharp, his nails were also extremely sharp, and a blue tail grew out of his back.

"After the soul circuit is constructed, I can obtain my contracted beast, the strength, agility, and wind ability of the Windstorm Wolf Dog

"Among all the contracted beasts, my storm wolf dog is a warlord-level pet beast, which means that the highest I can cultivate it is to be a B-class familiar."

"After my level reaches B-class, I can also swap out to a more powerful fierce beast." When it came to the topic of his cultivation, Wang Chao's gloating expression became even more pronounced.

Wang Chao's words caused the students to exclaim in admiration. A B-grade beastmaster was an existence that many of them would never be able to reach.

Gu Ning clenched his fists. He did not care about a B-grade beastmaster at all. His target was the respected S-grade beastmaster!

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