The Model Was a Nerd
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The Model Was a Nerd


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What is The Model Was a Nerd

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Rosella Jones was a high school nerd. Most student in the school likes to makes fun of her because of her dressing and a face full of pimple. Her number one bully is Jessica a.k.a the school queen bee and Kyle Landon the school popular. Rose always wanted to be a model but what happened if the whole school knows? And the one who told everyone is non other than Kyle Landon her crush. After 6 years later Rosella manage to be a successful model, everyone knows who she is. But what happened if Kyle Landon meet the new Rosella Jones? Will he fall for her?

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Hey guys!! I'm the author of this book. I just want to say thank you so much for the support and love. and thank you for reading my book. I know there are a lots of mistake and I will try and fix that. I try to update this book frequently. I'm sorry if I don't update the book on time due to my study but I will try in the future. anyways, just want to say thank you! let me know what you guys think about this book. I'll try my best to make all of my readers happy and enjoy this book. Thank you! and have a nice day :)


Great book!!!!! Loved it so much Really love the character. And keep up the great work!!!! Waiting for the interesting chapter to come. And please update frequently! [img=recommend]


I never be a big fan of bullyinh or will even consider a bully is handsome, damn I am not sadomasochist. So, I am not happy with the way the author try to justify the male lead, like he did his bullying in his young age (he was 18, hallo) and that he really into her now not because she is a beauty. Also, that he never get reprimanded and take a consequences is beyond believe. Make me wonder if the author really knows the psychology impact of bullying and public humiliation. Author did mention about it but didn't have depthness on it. I reqlly don't understand hiw he can get away from accountability and worst the author tried to make him like cool, rich and many women falls for him. Well has what he had done being exposed? see if there are still many who will think he is cool unless you are bunch of psycho. It will be more believable if you still made the female lead as fat and looks normal doesn't have to be such a beauty and he falls for her. On the female lead, she is the epitome of a beauty who put her dignity down there. I can't believe she falls for him. He was a bullybthat alone already tells what kind of a person he is, he admitted he first falls for her beauty, that alone tells how cheap he is and she still likes him?. Even a slut can still have a dignity Well at the end, this a novel that is not written well in the development. Pass.


I absolutely loved it The characters are written amazingly but the thing I love the most is how the the author was able to capture the feelings of all the characters. Even though there were some instances were I personally did not agree with some of the actions of the FL, I was still willing to read ahead due to how the author was able to justify her side. Amazing and a must read for people who want to see a strong FL, who is capable of not forgiving those who wrong her (well not easily at least).


Seriously Daniel and Rose?? I can't believe it I will choose Kyle over Daniel on every occasion even though Kyle wronged Rose back in highschool but he still needs a chance and to be honest I don't like Daniel


Author I really like your novel, pls continue. I'm also writing my very first novel 🤗 and I'd appreciate it if you could check it out... Thank you 😊


I absolutely love the story I’m addicted just few grammar and spelling mistakes (sorry I’m a nerd) here and there but overall amazing story love it.[img=recommend]


Wow!!!What a great work!!! i love the plot very much and also their main character!!!you did such a great work to read!!!it also give spirit to us to not give up on your dream even you dont have a great look!!!i have fallen with this book already✨


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I think it’s a very interesting novel since its not your typical storyline. I also like the fl bc she seems very confident and brave. totally recommend


Very interesting. Their story is epic. I love the way she was able to make her way in the world despite all the taunts. I admire her courage. This is a must read for all Young people.


I only read a couple of chapters but I already liked it because this kind of book is usually the kind of books I read. Later I'll probably binge read it after school.


Wow this is an amazing ND wonderful story. I really really loved it and enjoyed while reading it.........please keep updating more and more chapters... I I really hope she end up with Kyle at last.. 🤞❤❤❤


I find the story very enjoyable and the concept is a very specific type of genre, and if you don’t like the first few chapters, don’t worry because it gets better.


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