The ML and his Villianess. Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The ML and his Villianess.


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Why should I live in a book? Is this a joke? Eve was doomed to be a villainess. However, meeting him changed it all. She never knew who he was as she escaped far away from the plot. But, did she really escape? --- Excerpt DangerousShadow: So, Master, where did you go now? NewRHood: I am traveling around the world. You know me I like to tour the unexpected. DangerousShadow: Then, can I go with you this time? NewRHood: You should explore by yourself the world once in your life, dear disciple. Now it is my turn. I will explore the world and all the delicacies in it. DangerousShadow: But Master, it could be dangerous. NewRHood: Of course, I am taking precautions. But I hope that the man I am going to eat tonight be someone decent… DangerousShadow: You dare! NewRHood: Oh My! Dear disciple, is that how you speak to your master? DangerousShadow: Stop it, Eve, you know it is me. NewRHood: who? DangerousShadow: your husband! ---- WARNING: HEAVY EDITING IN PROGRESS Please leave some reviews and I will be very thankful. DISCLAIMER: The cover is not mine: the credit goes to the rightful original artist. Please contact me if you wish for me to take it down.


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