1 Prologue


There is sweetness hiding in what you may think may not be sweet. It may hurt you like the sting of a bee, but if you can dig deep into the heart of the honeycomb, you will come out with the sweetness that will make you forget the pains from the stingray. How would have thought what inflicts pains could become an irresistible sweetness? You are not wrong when you feel irritated with religious kind of writing. However, it is not all inspiration that has a religious tone that is religious. Is love religious to you? Is peace religious to you? The Missing Orb of Life is all about Love and Peace. Therefore, admonish you not to get pissed, because it may project something anti your normal belief.

Author’s Point of View

I know how irritating to sound religious in inspirational writing in the time that we are. I am also irritated with the religious kind of inspiration, which implies, the basis of this inspiration is not the religious inclination. However, this may have religious tones, as I have deliberately decided to use scriptures to buttress points of deep encrypted thoughts based on my experiences with the inspirer. Nevertheless, this is not a religious inspiration, it is simply a divine breathe pointing us back to our essence of living. An inspiration for all who seeks greater truth. Therefore, based on the purpose of this inspiration, I plead with you not to get irritated by the name “CHRIST”, it is simply used as the typology of the good force of life, while the contrary is tagged the ANTI-CHRIST.

Finally, the central message of this inspiration is LOVE and PEACE. However, because of the absence of the former, the latter seems impossible. Love is missing our affairs of life. Love is the orb…

We are in a very crucial time in our dispensation of searching for the truth. Many families have torn apart without a trace of where the problem is coming from. Societies are breaking down without a sense of knowledge of what is causing the problem. The world is now dragging evil to good and good to evil. Strangers are now inheriting our heritage because of the mindset that we have adopted, faking the supposed and presenting what is not as what is.

We are no longer safe with each other, as we are now choosing to confide in strangers than our own. Strangers are now the custodians of our secret investments and wealth, as we give room to third parties to drive our marriages by allowing little crack. We expose each other’s weaknesses to the one whom the evil one is using as an instrument to strike and all these results from love not made perfect in our hearts.

Without true love, fear is what rules, but perfect love casts out fear.

The reason for fear is that something is missing. Until you find out what is missing in our lives, we will keep living in torment. We now have strangers in our land terrorizing us, such that we have become a slave even in our land; freedom has become the most scared commodity. How can we be free when what we have chosen is bondage? We are now strangers in our land. Strangers are already taking over our heritage, with servants riding on horses like princes, while princes are now walking on foot like servants.

I grew up to know that the strength I have to fight is never to give up the fight. The fight I cannot give up is the fight of loving those who have deliberately hurt me the most. Though sometimes I feel like I am just being foolish, however, I cannot just help myself, since it is my nature never to repay evil with evil. Nevertheless, if I try repaying evil for evil, I will get even much more hurt and troubled. I can never be at peace with myself when I am not at peace with all men, including those who have made themselves enemies to me.

Something is driving my life that will always keep me far away from retaliating when people wrong and hurt me. It seems as if the force driving me is grossly missing. Am I an alien? In the world where I have found myself amid people with different ideologies, what has happened to our mindsets? Why can we not do without hurting each other? This because we have become so selfish.

I am like an alien amidst the people I relate with, but the truth is, there are more people like me, despite they are few, but are rare. You may also be one, are you a rare gem? People who have what is missing in the world are beautiful souls and with them, darkness shall varnish. They are not religious people; they are selflessly godly and spiritual people who understand the essence of life. They live their lives the message of love and administers the gospel of peace, without sentiment. They allow people to see the God in them not through religious rituals, but their lifestyle and giving. This unique gift to the world living forgiving and will ever forgive, as they will never bear grudges over people who had hurt them deliberately out of wickedness. Beautiful souls are loving people who live not by sowing evil (SEVIL). You are beautiful and until your beauty touches the world and change it for good, you are ugly and not fulfilling your purpose.

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