THE MIRAGE: A Delusion or Reality Book

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THE MIRAGE: A Delusion or Reality


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How would it feel to suddenly wake up and discover you're now the host to a completely different body? Nia, a young woman 22 years of age, wanted to live her life in freedom. Facing every obstacle and challenge one step at a time is her definition of comfort but that was just an allusion. An impossible dream. Her daily life felt like a constant pressure weighing heavily on her mind. From family to work and even her fiancè, everything was simply too much to bear. It seemed that in every corner she turned there were expectations to live up to. She felt burdened, devastated, and confused like the entire world was crumbling beneath her feet. At a moment of desperation, Nia wished she could be someone else, but little did she know her wish would soon become a crazy reality. Like a strange case of freaky Friday, She woke up the next morning to find herself in the body of a 16-year-old High Schooler. Will she be able to live the life of a girl she knew nothing about? What does High School have in store for her? Will switching bodies give her a new perspective on life? What if she fell helplessly in love with a certain boy that give her life a different meaning? Will their love be just another illusion? Join me in Nia’s thrilling journey of body switch, to see where her path will lead.