101 Well Done

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Yu Wan did not show any mercy this time. Guo Xianqiao fell flat on her face.

Guo Xianqiao had always been the one to bully others. How could others bully her? This was not to say that everyone in Yaoshui Village was afraid of her, but she bullied the weak and feared the strong. When she encountered unreasonable people, she would stay far away. Little fellows like Zhenzhen who could not even speak properly were the easiest to bully. Even if they suffered in silence, they could not sue her. So what if they did? She was just a child!

At most, they would bring her to her parents and let them teach her a lesson. But her parents would not beat her up!

It was precisely because of this experience that Guo Xianqiao became even more unreasonable. She was certain that Yu Wan would not beat her up, but who knew that not only did Yu Wan beat her up, she even beat her up so badly.

Yu Wan did not just throw her to the ground.


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