82 New Mission

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General Xiao was forced here by the Xiongnu army's stray arrows. The Xiongnu people fired arrows randomly. If they were lucky, they would hit their targets. If they didn't, they would be able to force out some movements and traces. If they weren't lucky, they wouldn't find anything. And most of the time, they didn't find anything. However, they didn't have to worry about not having enough weapons to eat now that they had obtained the rations and supplies of the Northwest Army Camp. When they had nothing to do, they would shoot a round of arrows. Even if they only hit once out of ten times, they would almost wipe out the remaining soldiers of the Northwest Army Camp.

General Xiao was severely injured and was carried by his trusted aide.

When the two of them discovered Da Niu, they almost thought that they had encountered Xiongnu pursuers. Fortunately, they had gotten the secret code right in time, so they did not end up killing each other.


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