57 Cooking Personally

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Although they had returned from the Magistrate Prefecture, Uncle Wan did not stay idle. The reason why Miss Yu was imprisoned by Yan Xie was because someone had accused her of theft. He went to look at the so-called "stolen goods" and was dumbfounded.

He brought the "stolen goods" back to the Young Master Manor and got someone to move them to Yan Jiuchao's room.

"Young Master," Uncle Wan greeted.

Yan Jiuchao was standing in front of the window, staring fixedly at the courtyard. It was unknown what he was thinking. When he heard Uncle Wan's voice, he did not turn around and only replied indifferently, "What is it?"

"It's over there." Uncle Wan pointed to the eight-seater table not far away.

The servant placed the large box behind the eight-seater table and tactfully left.

Uncle Wan opened the box and looked at Yan Jiuchao's back. "Young Master, come and take a look."


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