56 A Family of Five

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Before Yan Xie could react, he was smashed to the ground by the copper hand furnace that even a hammer could not break!

Yan Xie's head immediately swelled up!

It wasn't enough for Shangguan Yan to smash him. She stretched out her leg and kicked him a few times until her feet hurt. Then, she threw all the fruits and snacks on the table at Yan Xie.

Yan Xie cried out in pain!

He really did not understand what had happened. Why would the Princess Consort, who thought highly of him, suddenly make things difficult for him? Could it be that she was also crazy like Yan Jiuchao?!


Another object was thrown at him.

The last of the snacks had been thrown by Shangguan Yan. The private advisor immediately handed the snacks beside him to the magistrate after he saw that Shangguan Yan had gone to grab more snacks from the table at the side.

The magistrate then handed it to Shangguan Yan.


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