The Mighty Traveler

When a man wakes up to his world destroyed and left alone, he is met with a voice asking for his wishes. But how can one think realizing you are alone, your home gone, your life erased and your expectations vanished. Paul Egon Esteban, a man from earth that has been able to unite all nations and started to develop into the space faring age around the middle of the 21st century. Is a patient of a rare disease that has no cure currently has been placed into a state of the art research facility that would place him and many other of people with similar situations into cryostasis sleep until cures for their sickness had been discovered. But one day he was awoken suddenly as his cryopod has lost all functionality with only a tattered nurse droid taking care of him. Confused, Dizzy and totally Discombobulated, Paul walked out only to find the facility he has been on is now decrepit and destroyed. It wasn't until checking the droid did he find out he was now in the last years of the 22nd century nearly entering the 23rd. Shocked and scared he tried going out of the place only to find out a dry wasteland that was Earth. Mind blanked and shocked, he trudged the land as he realized he was all alone. A former city full of wonder and people turned to dust. It wasn't until his dazed state lingered for a bit did he get a few seconds of semblance of the thing in his eyes. {Was that all you wished for?} Not understanding what it was and why it was there, Paul agreed on something he forgot that he wanted. Light swallowed him and now took him into another world for another chance in life. (A/N: I transferred my fanfic here because the one where I first posted it was a reused dropped novel, which means the setting of the book is still a novel so I might get flagged for copyright or something. So I transferred the whole thing as well as editing the stuff that I might find correcting or adding details.)

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"You don't have to worry about him laddie, he has lived far longer than any of us can think of and it be better if we went on our way just like we've planned." Balin smiled as he walked the path they are treading.


Paul had already teleported here and watched as the dwarves tread about in their way. So he thought that maybe he should only help them in another way, so he took with him the ponies and appeared in a clearing in front of a large house in the middle of the fields between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains.


Paul slowly let his scent waft out as he rode in his Ram bringing with him the ponies of the dwarves. He could hear it, a grunting noise as sounds of wood chopping echoed in the peaceful glades.




But soon a pony let out a happy noise as it looked around the fields full of grass to eat. The chopping sounds ceased as a thud was heard, soon a large tall man walked out looking wary but as he saw Paul as well as the lines of saddled ponies he paused and said in his deep voice.


"What is a man doing here in this place with many ponies nonetheless? State your business here and leave, you are not welcome here." Beorn said as he growled in dissatisfaction that a person appeared so close and he could not sense it at all.


"Really, then would you be kind to welcome a fellow kin?" Paul said as he took off his Helmet and showed his gruffy beard and hair. He fast read Beorn's mind and found that there was indeed Skin changers that were able to turn into wolves.


"Kin?" Beorn stopped as he saw Paul, he sniffed the air and frowned as he saw the man in front of him. "But that is impossible…"


"Improbable you mean Lord Beorn, but here I am. Would it be better if we talk this out in a civilized manner?" Paul smiled as he looked at the tall man, he had always pitied this man since he felt that he was the last of his kind.


But Paul's wandering of the lands of middle Earth enabled him to find small surviving tribes in the Northern waste barely hanging on for dear life and some in the unforgiving lands near the withered Heath.


They were various tribes that lived together after escaping their bounds from the orc packs that used them for amusement. Soon Paul stood in front of Beorn as he seemed emotional seeing someone that might be of their kind.


"I would not get my hopes up just yet Lord Beorn." Paul said as he showed by the scruff of his neck scars and stitch marks making the old Skin Changer narrow his eyes.


"I am not entire a skin changer like you are, as I was a subject used for the dark rituals of these orcs. I was made using blood from your kin and fused with werewolf blood as well making me, an amalgamation of both sides. But they did not expect me to be too powerful for them to leash and thus I am now who I am." Paul's words made the old man slump a little as he hoped another of his kind was alive.


"Matters not, my kin's blood still flows within your body and you shall be a kin of mine as well." Beorn sadly stated as he looked at Paul.


"I said not to get hopes up but you should not keep it down as well. There is a reason I am here Lord Beorn, currently I am tied in both hands in the matters I am about to do and I need you help in assisting a company of dwarves on thei-" Paul wasn't able to finish when Beorn reacted in a negative manner.


"Dwarves? What business do you have with dwarves? They are a greedy and selfish people not caring for the lives that live around them." Beorn frowned as he grumbles his words.


"I know, but fate has something in store for these company of dwarves. Their leader is being hunted down by a Pale orc astride a white warg, you might know who he is and who might the dwarf be. But the ponies I brought was theirs to begin with, besides I rather kill orcs than hate these dwarves and like I said my hands are tied for now." Paul said as he saw Beorn's face frown a bit and relax a second later.


"I see, orcs huh? Then I shall accept, but what is the matter that needed your attention for the time being that does not allow you time to handle the orcs yourself?" Beorn asked as he could see Paul to be someone of great strength like he is.


"I found them Beorn, a small tribe still alive and surviving in the Northern waste. Me and my men are already tracking down where they might be and try to save them from the various perils in the North. Many Skinchangers still live to this day, they just could not find the time to send words to the world of their existence because orcs still hunt them for sport." Paul could see Beorn's eyes widen in surprise but as he listened his fist tightened hearing every words of Paul.


"Do not worry, I will go there myself to save them. But I need you here to help this company of dwarves that will arrive soon in your lands, the grey wizard is with them so you'll know them when you see them. Also, I have something to show you..." Paul said as he stood up and walked outside while Beorn followed.


"I brought friends here that might be of help in maintaining your peace here." Paul then showed about a dozen large Kodiak Bears as well as hundreds of Livestock behind them.


"These are just bears and not skin changers, but they are smarter than they look. When the orc shamans were doing their rituals I picked up on some things as well and was able to make a few that could make animals smarter than they are, coupled with the magic within my skinchanger's blood they have become smart enough to understand the common tongue." Paul smiled as he looked at the bears in line looking at Beorn with curious eyes.


"This… how much more of our kind is still alive?" Beorn asked as his face showed a sense of relief knowing he is not the last of his kind.


"Dozens, but I must haste with my pack so I could save more once I arrive there. These bears also knows how to wear armor to protect themselves, you could see it yourself." Paul walked forward and showed Beorn the carriage behind with various tools and gifts he brought for the lonely guy. There were armors similar to the ones in the movie the Golden Compass or the tv series his dark materials.


These bears were raised by Paul in this world while making them forget their last world. They were better and larger than the normal bears in other worlds but even when they stood on two legs they were barely as tall as Beorn, this guy is 10 feet tall and Paul was only around his shoulder in height.


"I should have come here sooner Lord Beorn when I heard of your existence but I had found leads of the tribes in the north so I had sent my men to investigate. I just recently received word from them and I'll be busy to be catching up with you, so this is what I thought I felt should help you for the meantime. These were bears orphaned by orc packs and was raised by me since they were but small cubs, please take care of them." Paul looked at Beorn who was already surrounded by the murder fluffs snuggling him with their fat bear bodies.


"I will, do not worry I will meet this Dwarf company you speak of and I have been irked by these orcs prowling about anyways." Beorn said as he looked at Paul.


"I really have a lot to say Lord Beorn but I must make haste, every second counts in saving one more life of our kin." Paul then mounted the Great Ram as he spoke.


"Beorn, just call me Beorn and I hope we shall meet again my kin." Beorn said as he looked at the new members of his pack.


"Paul, you can call me Paul. Farewell Beorn, I have a feeling we will meet again." Paul said as he rode his mount away leaving Beorn with Bears trained and made smarted by Paul using a simple serum that might be able to cure Alzheimer's but that will be endorsed later if he could find a way to mass produce it.


"Now, tell me. Do any of you have names already?" Beorn asked the bears.






"I see, then let me name you myself…" Beorn smiled as he guided the animals inside his home and planned to make more sleeping space for the bears.


Meanwhile Paul teleported again but this time he appeared in the underground train that is still going towards their destination.


"Well, let's prepare for hunting a dragon shall we?" Paul smiled as he took a seat down while his ride just walked towards its pen nearby.


[Submerged World]


Paul's fame had spread far and wide as there is still a form of radio communications between the various shelters. Time and time again they could see his boat float about as it sailed everywhere Paul wanted to appear.


But always he spends a morning within the Trade Port to sell the large amounts of dead sea monsters. So much that the crazy doctor in Union Busan wanted to see him in person but Paul always times it that he not have any chance of meeting that cuckoo of a doctor.


He still has no Harpoonist Tattoo but everybody paid attention to the large amounts of dead Sea monsters he brings and they now all amounted to six hundred or more. Paul had been sailing for months for appearances purposes only as he was more looking for more resource to mine in the ruins underwater.


Teon Ma has not waked up yet but he is now currently healthy and ready to go. His kids grew to be sensible and well under the guidance of the eye patch white haired girl harpoonist.


The Mayor still felt the strain in his mind as Genod seemed to be behaving weirdly not following his patterns at all. Paul had a part in that as he places suggestive thought on the beast to target only the pirates and ill minded people coming near his territory.


Paul inspected the people coming by to the so called Port Oasis, the peaceful place in this apocalyptic world. Still his research and projects in this world is already beginning to take form as this alien Virus made Paul discover many uses for it in modern medicine and genetic altering technology.


He already developed a certain strain of pathogen that would only target the virus and will kill it until none is left. For now he is studying the behavioral patterns of this Virus and how it is affected by the hive mind of the Queen in the pacific.


Which he will deal with once his programming of his personal giant robots is finished, only the factors of a human brain and how it will react to this pseudo neural handshake he designed. He did crunch up the numbers and from the tech available Paul could tell that there was indeed merit as to why two pilots were needed to drive the robots.


The Brain itself is a super computer in translating the electromagnetic messages from the computer of the robot. But having both hemispheres of the brain take strain in driving the robot is too much for a single man.


Even when Paul managed to make a supercomputer to be the co-pilot it is still better to use the brain of a human to prevent AI's from hacking the whole robot. He had thought out of many contingencies in cases that the robot might face the common problem in fighting against an equally massive enemy.


The two he made were already prepared and were given some sort of weapons system. The Zila model was mostly given the large axe as a weapon and a large round shield as well, lastly a pair of 10 meter blade that could be popped out of the side of the robot's hands.


The Mock gunplay model was more like a walking fortress in its various weapons installed. From missiles, cannons, guns and even lasers but the main fighting style of the large Mock model robot is its weight and large size. Only melee weapon it has other than it's fist is an Anchor with a chain.


His underground base has now improved and he has 300 robots working on the clock. The resources available here in this world is so vast that it might take five centuries for the current population to exploit it all.


Also since the Queen has been looking for him since he posed a threat, he knew where she plans to trap him but he always vanishes to thin air frustrating the creature so much but it knew that it would be detrimental for this new man to take notice of her, right now she cares more of the two children Bota Ma and Lita Ma, the kids of Teon Ma who is still unconscious for so long.


Time passed and Paul kept doing what he does until he paused and looked at the air in front of him, soon a distortion appeared and Lion Paul walked out of the air inside the underground robot production facility.


He did not say anything since it was weird for him to talk with himself so he kept working his research while the Lion Paul went towards fifty large crates where readily available resources are as well as a large number of builder robots with different variations.


Lion Paul then looked at the other large bundle of chains nearby and took it away also. This was what he prepared to capture Smaug, it was made from special tungsten carbide like the jeagers which is designed to withstand great amount of force and very high amount of heat.


Not as strong as Carbonadium in Marvel but it was close and it makes the item covered with it highly resistant to heat equal to the magma in the mantle. Material science here really is very advanced, now the only thing keeping Paul in this world is how to get himself the few Kaiju like beast here.


His eyes were on Gordic and Skutoom, the other in the seven devils were just ugly. The Kraken is acceptable since it was a squid and how cool would it be one day if he screams the iconic line 'release the Kraken!'.


But he has to figure out almost everything about this alien virus, mostly at how it functions as a Hive mind and will the mutated creatures die if they are deprived of the virus presence in their bodies.


Paul was worried a bit since he learned that almost every human in this planet already has this virus in their system. Almost because there were still rich acting idiots living the luxurious life thinking that they are better than everyone else.


Paul felt he should save the other side and leave those idiots for dead, if they had united in this Apocalyptic world then maybe they would have made a fighting chance yet even now when their population is less than 3 million they still squabble like kids protecting their 'profits'.


Paul had it with these kind of people, what kind of profit are you going to protect when you kind's survival is on the line. Maybe after the Queen is about to erupt then Paul will take action and have those idiots face the gigantic monstrosity in the sea themselves.


So now he just needed to find ways to control the Kaiju-like beast without carrying the virus back with him. A large crab and whale in his control would be really awesome but as he studied he remembered with his real body he can probably find every virus in this world and eradicate it.


Paul smiled but another thought came out of his mind, should he though. This world survived well enough with this pathogen in the water for generations. He even got samples of Bota Ma and Lita Ma, who seemed to have been slightly mutated when they were born by their mother who had the Fish Virus in her system.


Wolf Paul was paused as he contemplated, while Lion Wolf wandered after taking the boxes and the weapons he had produced using the gas powered weapon tech here. Some were full body suits that could enhance the speed and strength as well as provide armor for the wearer.


Now with his smaller yet more compact gas canister made of tungsten carbide sheets. He could enable a man to fight for two hours straight with a strength of ten people and speed of five. His cold weapons could accelerate and bring heavier punishment than the ones used by the Harpoonist in this world.


His gas powered guns were also diversified and was able to make many more imitation of the real guns used by many.


He had made his underground base to be a gigantic production facility and it will be like that for the future. Time and large amounts of resources could be found here and no one to stop Paul from making dozens of gigantic Mechs, there was a third coming along already as well.



Paul became engrossed in research of the various applications of this alien virus that he did not notice the Queens increasing interest with the two kids of Teon Ma. She had been feeling hundreds of her children die in the hands of this new monster called the "Curse devil of the sea".


She somehow could not find him anywhere even when she had tasked Bazrah to find and kill the guy. For now she just observed the happy life of the two kids in her small child form.


Meanwhile Lion Paul wandered in the streets of this New York floating city, he scanned the whole place up and down and found that the place is being secretly led by the Harpoonist Clark Miller.


Paul found him to be having serious mental issues, this guy is a straight up psychopath since he first learned to walk. He likes killing things and even blinded his brother due to his curiosity to see blood flow, but his father pointed his bloodlust towards the ocean saying the only things you are allowed to kill are the sea monsters so he became a harpoonist like his father.


This guy was quite a beast as well when he fights using that scythe spear thing weapon of his. But Paul went on, no one could notice him because right now he is hiding from the senses of everyone. He even saw the small child disguise of the Queen and thought maybe this being might learn something good about human society.