What A Pretentious Guy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In a desolate mountain somewhere in Huaxia.

Two figures crawled out of a hole in the ground like rats. They were wearing tattered Taoist robes and had dirty faces. They looked like two savages.

"F*ck! Not even a hair left!"

The white-haired elderly Taoist master in front sat down on the ground while he cursed.

That person was Taoist Master Qing Xu, the dignified Elder of Mao Mountain.

The person behind him sat down and cursed too. That was Taoist Master Qian Ji.

After Taoist Master Qing Xu came out of seclusion, he did not return to it. Instead, he brought Taoist master Qian Ji and traveled around the country, especially to deep mountains and ancient forests.

Mao Mountain needed a new Elder, and Taoist Master Qian Ji's cultivation base was the highest in his generation. After eating the meat of many rare and exotic beasts, his cultivation base had skyrocketed, and he was close to the peak of the State of Qi Channeling.