The Patriarch of the Luo Family

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Tang Hao was shocked as the tender body fell into his embrace.

Then, he smiled, lifted his hands, and patted her shoulders. "Everything's OK now!" He said gently.

He had thought Assistant Han was still shocked by the ordeal.

Han Yutong hugged him tightly. Her delicate body was trembling and she cried like a rainstorm. It was partially because of the shock she had suffered, and partially because she could not contain her joy.

Tang Hao thought that the scene was poignant but eventually found it to be rather awkward.

He coughed gently. His face was already bright red.

Han Yutong did not notice that. Instead, she hugged him even more tightly.

A long while later, she finally stopped sobbing and slightly loosened her hug.

"You lied to me!"

She gritted her teeth, and her charming face flashed with a hint of indignation.

Then, she clenched her petite fist and punched Tang Hao's back.