The morning sunlight shone through the cracks in the curtains and illuminated the room.

Tang Hao was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

He was concocting the Liquid of Spiritual Condensation for the entire night as well as imbibing it. After producing two portions of the liquid, he realized that the qi in his body was blossoming.

The State of Qi Channeling was subdivided into the early, middle and late periods.

He was in the early period of this State.

The qi in his body was still considered weak in this period. He would not be able to perform sorcery or make talismans. These techniques required him to be at least in the middle period of the State of Qi Channeling, and some even in the late period.

He estimated that at this rate, he will be achieving the middle period in a few more months.

Tang Hao opened his eyes when he felt a ray of sunlight land on his face.

'It's already morning!'

Tang Hao yawned and stretched. He was in good spirits even though he did not sleep for the entire night.

He drew the curtains. The morning sunlight was perfect.

He turned around and saw something move beneath the blanket on the other bed.

A head emerged from beneath the blankets. A pair of hands rubbed the sleep away from the eyes.

The woman sat up, stretched her arms and yawned.

The blanket that covered her fell onto her lap, unveiling a wondrous scene.

Her **** was half-exposed, and her waist was lithe like a water snake. The curves of her body shifted elegantly as she stretched.

She was dazzling in the morning sunlight, like a perfect work of art.

Her lazy movements had a certain allure to them.

Tang Hao stared unblinkingly at her. He felt his nose turning hot and it nearly bled.

The woman was oblivious to all this. She stretched and yawned without a care for the world.

About ten seconds later, she realized something was not quite right. She turned around and saw Tang Hao standing by the window. Looking down, her charming face turned pale and she let out a piercing shriek.

"You… you animal! What did you do to me?"

She clutched the blanket and wrapped it around her body. On her face was an expression of panic and helplessness.

She was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Did her virginity that she had preciously guarded for so many years had been so carelessly lost?

Tang Hao explained hastily, "You're mistaken. I didn't do anything. I was passing by a bar yesterday when I saw a few hooligans harassing you, so I chased them away.

"I thought of sending you back home, but you were unconscious. I didn't know where you lived so I sent you here.

"I really didn't do anything! Your clothes… you undid them yourself…"

The woman's facial expression became more relaxed as she heard the explanation. She sighed gently. She did not feel any discomfort with her body.

She tried to recall what happened the night before, and his story seemed to match.

She did undo the clothes herself.

She lowered her head, her face was blushing madly.

"Um… I'm sorry!" Her voice was as small as a mosquito's buzz.

"No problem!" Tang Hao said awkwardly.

Then, there was an uneasy silence between them.

"Um… do you think you can turn around?" The woman lifted her head and pleaded to Tang Hao while looking at him.

"Oh!" Tang Hao immediately turned away.

Behind him, he heard her putting on clothes.

"Thank you for your help last night! You look young, are you still a student?"

"Nah, I'm not in school anymore. I do deliveries now." Tang Hao sounded bitter when saying that. Being a school dropout was one of his biggest regrets.

"Oh!" She acknowledged the statement but did not offer any further reply.

Tang Hao's lips tightened. He thought she must be looking down upon him. He could see that she was of a different social class. She was either rich or well-connected, and a bottom-feeder like him could not compare.

"Done!" she said a few minutes later.

Tang Hao turned around and his eyes brightened.

The woman in front of him left a different impression on him. She was properly dressed yet at the same time looked elegant. There were no words to describe her beauty.

The tight miniskirt and black pantihose added some seductiveness to her body.

She smiled gently as she produced a name card from her purse and passed it to him.

"This is my name card. Feel free to contact me if you need anything."

Tang Hao looked carefully at the card that was handed to him and was immediately shocked.

"Ling Wei… Tai An Group… President…" His irises contracted when he saw the word 'President' and a look of stunned awe appeared on his face.

'She's a VIP!' Tang Hao said in his heart.

"Um… I have other urgent matters to attend to. I'm leaving!" Ling Wei turned around and headed to the room door. She stopped walking after a few steps, then opened her handbag and took out her purse.

She pulled out a stack of hundred-yuan notes and handed it to Tang Hao.

"It's fine!" Tang Hao waved his hands, indicating that he did not want the money.

"Just take it. It pays for the room at least," Ling Wei insisted.

"Alright then!" Tang Hao took the money seeing that he could not reject it. "Right, this one's for you." Tang Hao retrieved a bottle of beauty enhancement cream from his backpack.

"What's this?" Ling Wei furrowed her brows and asked doubtfully.

"It's hand-made. Ancestral recipe. Beauty cream."

Ling Wei was shocked. She did not burst out laughing out of common courtesy.

'What's the use of an ancestral recipe?'

She could not bear to decline Tang Hao's sincerity. She took the bottle, mouthed a word of thanks, then turned around and left the room.

Tang Hao watched as she left. He lifted the name card to look at it again before keeping it in a safe place.

"Ah, right! My ride!"

Tang Hao slapped his forehead. He had just remembered that his three-wheeled motorcycle was still parked at the bathhouse.

He hastily rushed there to find that his ride was already long missing.

"F*ck! Which b*stard stole my ride!" Tang Hao complained loudly.

With the small fortune he had earned, he was not too concerned about this loss. He called Uncle Li to take half a day off, then took a bus to return to Tang Village.

He had just arrived home when he received a call from President Biao.

"Hello? Lil Tang! Why aren't you here yet! Your Bro Biao is so anxious!"

"Bro Biao, I had something in the morning, and that'll take a while. I'll go over around noon," Tang Hao said, "Right, has the missus tried the beauty cream? How is it?"

President Biao replied loudly, "She used it! She's almost going crazy!"

"Ah? Going crazy?"

"No no, not literally going crazy. She's crazy happy and crazy anxious waiting for you to send over some more! Your beauty cream is like a miracle! Unbelievable!" President Biao spoke passionately, "What legend do you have for an ancestor, Lil Tang? How can they be so ** amazing?"

"Haha!" Tang Hao laughed awkwardly. His ancestors were not legends, but only mere peasants.

"Remember, bring more later. I'll take your entire lot. Money isn't a problem." President Biao said graciously.

"Alright, I'll deliver some over later." Tang Hao agreed, then hung up the call.