20 let's do it kenichi Chun style.

kenichi and Sakaki were escorting Wayne gauche when the trains lights flickered and suddenly Christopher Sinclair Appeared along with his entourage.

" kenichi guard the client." said Sakaki who engaged battle with Sinclair.

kenichi smiled he held his hand out and said " kenichi shirahama first disciple of Ryzonpaku mixed martial arts as of right now the asses of you three harlots are mine."

the first girl came at kenichi throwing a series of kicks but kenichi had already used his mind's eye technique and began parrying the punches using the blocks of wing chun.

when one of the girls came from his left he kicked her in the throat with a side kick he turned blocking a left straight from the first girl who attacked him and countered with a solid straight punch to her abdomen sending her flying out a window.

kenichi turned and blocked a right roundhouse punch from the third girl while back fisting her in the temple he hit her with a chain punch fallowed by an elbow then a one inch punch that sent her flying.

kenichi blocked the girl on his left side and countered with a seiken filed by his ki in a move from ansatsuken called Ishin-Seiken-zuki.

he turned to see the girl he sent out the window kick at him with a knife in the toe of her shoe.

kenichi shifted out of it's path and drew his butterfly knifes he blocked her knife while cutting off her shoe with the grace of only shigure could have this was due to his training under her for the past month.

kenichi shifted left dodging a well timed Roundhouse kick before sending her flying out the window at thirty miles per hour with a mule kick.

kenichi dodged two blades while parrying them by assuming a deep horse stance before using the release hands technique thrusting his fist out east and west sure it may have not been wing chun but IP man once said if it works do not be afraid to try it out.

kenichi jumped up and Exacutes a Tatsumaki Senpu kyaku sweeping the girls up in a small gale before kicking them away with a deadly split kick.

the girls came back only to be on the receiving end of a collarbone smash then a burn Knuckle fallowed by a jumping 360 backspin kick sending the two women flying out the windows.

" hey Sakaki how you doin' ?" asked kenichi.

sakaki had been holding Sinclair just fine but Sinclair took a hostage.

kenichi decided to use that move he tapped into the satsui no hado and teleported behind Sinclair before blitzing him with a series of punches kicks and special moves rendering him unconscious.

"๐˜„๐—ต๐—ฎ๐˜ ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—ต๐—ฒ๐—น๐—น ๐˜„๐—ฎ๐˜€ ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฎ๐˜!?" Sakaki shouted.

"Improved Shลซn Gลkลซ Satsลซ." kenichi said with a air of pride.

the returned to Wayne gauche.

" your disciple teleported, he actually teleported." said Wayne.

" ahn wrong to be correct I simply moved faster than the eye can see since I didn't have my weights on and was using a special technique." said kenichi " it only "seemed" like I teleported." he explained.

Wayne gauche didn't care anymore he just wanted to get this business deal over with.

kenichi had managed to not kill Sinclair since sakaki wouldn't approve but he would be eating out of a tube for a week.

Sinclair's girls however were lost about 700 miles ago.

" well there's that." said kenichi.

"we still have to finish the job." said Sakaki.

after successfully defending Wayne gauche the trio were not visited by any other assassins so they returned earlier than scheduled.

" kenichi where did you learn such advanced wing chun?" asked Sakaki.

" oh I just copied a few moves I had seen in a hing kong action flick and molded it around what I already had learned in karate and kenpo." said Kenichi.

sakaki was impressed by the improvement kenichi made, they returned to find shigure having tea with a girl in a Miko outfit who had a samurai sword on her back she was beautiful she had long black hair emerald green eyes a beautiful face and one of the biggest bust kenichi had ever seen only to be rivaled by shigure and Miu.

"kenichi this is tomoe my childhood friend, she studies Kazeretsuken-ryu." said shigure.

" hmm so your this kenichi shirahama I've heard so much about you." she did a once over "nice," then she locked eyes with kenichi's pelvis " very nice indeed." she said with a grin that by the looks of it was that of a woman measuring a person's worth and liked what she saw.

" um aren't Miko girls supposed to be a bit, oh I dunno, RESERVED!" said Kenichi.

" hey you can't blame ya for what ya daddy gave ya." said tomoe.

this got a blush from Miu and shigure and a snicker from kensei.

" Oh I'll show ya something else my Dady gave me!" said kenichi pulling out his Gunblade and said " say hola to mis amigo Edwardo!" said kenichi in his best Pacino impression.

and it was at that moment tomoe knew she fucked up.

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