1 An Imp's Inspiration

"Reality is just like a story"That has been said by various beings all known and unknown. But the main question is what is reality to you?

A reasonable answer to that kind of question would be a certain sequence of events that happens at a certain point of Time and Space ….. And where there is the issue of reality, there will be the discussion of fiction. After all the issue of fiction could be interpreted as imagined reality in the respect that the leading sequence are not always the same its never a liner path.

A man looking left in reality A could be looking left at reality B. And as a result, develops a different series of events from reality A.

For example lets look into the DC cosmology. The generic kryptonian hero and beloved man of steel Superman. The main reality begins with the story of baby Clark Kent or rather Ka El, the love child of the kryptonians Jo El and Laura El of Krypton. who was sent away in a spaceship in an escape mission to earth to prevent him from a eventual destruction of the planet krypton, racing across the stars until its destination of the blue planet Earth. The coming of baby Ka El was like a storm to the life of the childless couple or rather a fortunate blessing to Jonathan and Martha Kent, confused but also determined, they took in the child raising him as their own and granting him with the name Clark Kent teaching him the value of humility and self-control. Ultimately he was capable of keeping his incredible gifts under control as he went and became known as the hero 'Superman' champion of Justice and one of the greatest defenders of Earth... But that is just one timeline; there are various instances and situation that could determine and change what the kryptonian hero should have been. Like for example in a different reality where instead of crash landing into Smallville, into the lives of Jonathan and Martha Kent. He landed in the land of Russia, bringing about the rise of the Red Son Superman. Or the Injustice Superman, consumed by vengeance and going against his oath, killing the joker and also many others, adopting the philosophy of Zod that Earth should be ruled by iron hands for the better dispensation of justice. What of the reality of Superman married to Louis lane with his child Jonathan 'Jon' Kent or married to the Amazonian princess Diana otherwise known as Wonder Woman.

Each are a different set of fictional reality that considers the 'what if' scenario. In all forms and appearances they are rather limitless and visually infinite as a particular reality could have either a major divergence or event that differentiate it from the other.

But truly the essence of fiction and reality is that they are decided by beings in the possession of omini-potent power, meaning, it could be as a result of the wills of the Author or even… the characters themselves.

The Writer.


5th dimension

The 5th dimension of the higher state of reality has always been considered as a Space Continuum, where the laws of physics are considered null and void and also above concepts of time and space. Within the realm at a particular location that had no name, but just surrounded by nothing but swirling colours… and broken dolls of a different characters, floated a certain imp. He was a small bald man sporting a purple jacket, a green tie with a small derby hat with trimmed white hair poking at both sides of his head. He also wore the expression of someone who owed him bucks but didn't want to pay. He was the deity imp, Mr Mxyzptlk, who at that moment was experiencing an all to familiar emotion… Boredom.

"Boring, boring it's just so boring around here. This is why I hate the 5th dimension at times. It's so quiet and moody all the time" he snarked at no one in particular.

While the trickster deity could create an entire whole universe for his enjoyment. The core issue of the matter would be that it would be too monotone. And as a result of the reality being created because of him, it will likely be that everything will happen as he unconsciously deems it. Essentially, it would not have the unpredictability of the lower dimensions. Moreover he rather derives a good laugh playing tricks back at the second dimension or rather in his own words 'a harmless prank' centred especially at a caped kryptonian but...

"Time and time again, just when I try to have a little fun. Super dunce would always be there to trick me into saying my name backwards" as an imp he was meant to cause trouble and mischief, play pranks to get a few laughs. Well aside from when he truly loses his temper, after all it comes directly his genes.


"I am not like that coal head Darkseid; you don't see me destroying planets and searching for something as stupid as the Anti-life. And you also don't see me behaving like that a certain reindeer goat-headed-man, talking all about destruction and his daughter. I mean 'daughter do this and daughter start that.. talk about taking family love to a more creepy level 'The daughter loving idiot' And even then everything always comes back to normal after I done back there, but nooo!! they just can't take a joke. I mean sheesh what's it going to take to get a laugh from people these days" while moaning aloud a literal light bud came on around him signifying him coming across a realization.

"I got it. It's all because of that Super chump fault isn't it. After all who amongst all the others has tricked me the most!! Ohhh when I get my hands on him. His gonna be so sorry" he said as his eyes darkened lightly.

"No mistakes this time I gonna do this to him and that and some of this and give him another " Mimicking boxing stances in an already appeared boxing ring with a lit cigar in his mouth. He punched around an apperated Superman doll that like an amateur boxer, knocking it down and laid over like a wrestler, as a referee abruptly manifested and began to count.

"Three!!!, two!!, one!... And we have a winner!'

Confetti exploded on the ring side signifying his victory, he raised his hands shouting happily over to a fabricated crowd. But then just like that he plopped down and everything immediately vanished, he sighed forlornly.

"But it's not like I can do anything about it. As much as it pains my none existential ass, Clarky boy is just the one cool reason I like it over there and it's actually kind of clever how he makes me do that. N-not like I will ever say that to his face or anything".


In the lower dimension back on solar system. High above the Earth, the artificial satellite Watch tower hung over the view, overlooking the Earth. And just at the holding room, a certain kryptonian in skin tight suite with the symbol of S showcased proudly on the chest area, violently sneezed.

"Archoo!!!!!!" BOOM!!

And the result was a small but strong localised gust of wind passing through the area flinging away the chairs and tables close to him and cracking the reinforced window in his front view. The sound of minor alarms rang throughout the base as the announce speaker crackled to life.

"Holy hell big blue you coming down with a cold or something? I almost thought the base was under attack" John Stone otherwise known as Cyborg exclaimed over the announce speaker from the control room.

"No nothing of that sort Victor... just felt like a certain urged you know, nothing serious. Maybe someone might be talking about me" Superman assured as he twitched his nose in irritation.

Cyborg snorted "you're Superman of course. People are gonna talk about you. You're the big blue Boy Scout. if someone like you sneezes over every time someone talks about you then the Watch tower's just became a warzone. Just head over to the lab department and get yourself a check up".

"Alright i'll do just that. After my meeting with Aqua-man, I need to discuss some business with him concerning Atlantis relations".

"Well you do you Superman, like I said just get a check up just in case" Cyborg shrugged over the speaker "well Cyborg out" and the speaker went off.

As Superman walked out of the holding area, he could not help but lightly chuckle as he could overhear the human Cyborg complaining of the repairs over the damages concerning his accidental blunder and with the issue of false alarm. Moreover he was also kind of embarrassed as this could count as one of the few times he had ever lost control of his abilities. While he was kept sauntering towards his destination, he mused.

"What was that all about? The last time something like that happened, was the during time I developed my Arctic breath ability and that was a long time ago, and I don't feel sick" he thought "well I will just get checked up after am done" concluding with that line of thought. He went back to face other matters such as the discussion he needed with Arthur.

5th dimension

As much as Mxyzptlk loved Superman like a baby brother, he eventually came to the decision to play with another variety.

''let's just say for once I need to do something different something rather than butting heads with Captain Underpants for now" as he poundered on, he remembered something some of his fellow imp friends usually do. Especially the over-bored ones and so he declared.

"Welp now, I've decided to take a vacation away from all these madness. And I know just the thing; why don't I try all those ROB stuff that some of my pals do at times. I will just take someone from one reality and keep him in the other to see how he mess things up. After all some of my fellow imps around just spend their time watching over how they behave. and I want me some of that stuff, after all one thing I've got the most is time" he cackled.

"Well better let it a be a hero rather than a villain. Most villain are too emo for my liking; too much killing this or killing that. They will just ruin the setting" just remembering that situation with the Joker gave him the shivers.

"Never again" he muttered.

Now it's just to decide on whom to send and where to send.

Unsuprisenly, the very first to appeared was Superman "Superman is a no go. Am tired of playing with him for once and he derails to much from the setting I want for now, so nope". he muttered as the image of Batman appeared.

"Batman the edgy black cape guy. Hmmm nope, any changes in his character spoils the whole Batman gig and I really don't wanna fight with Batmite for now" he turned.

"Wonder woman, hmmmm, nope. I would just be looking at her legs the entire time" he drooled.

"Flash, nope I don't want to finish everything in one sitting. Green Lantern... nahh all his ring will-power stuff is kind of annoying, and Martian Manhunter... the place...I might decide on, might just not fit him and also he's just way too boring. Hmmm just think Mxy think. Who should I choose amoungst the heroes that is fun, a little childish and wouldn't just ruin everything " The bald head of Mxyzptlk reddened as he mulled, steam rose up like a locomotive at full power and then a literal harmmer appeared and smacked his head as his thought narrowed down to a certain hero.

"What about Shazam that lightning kid" he thought.

"He's a kid so he would be fun to watch, also a hero so he would have those annoying sense of morals and he wouldn't actually derail everything too much. Best of all, he has the all qualities of every justice leaguer... well except of wonder woman of course" he exclaimed as he thought over the check list.

"Well looks like we have a winner folks" Waving his hand around, he gestured mockingly towards an imaginative audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to present a crossover of Shazam with with err….. where should I send him to again, oohhh!!" he snapped his fingers as literal millions of comics and mangas appeared. As he rummaged through them, all he saw were just boring as he began throwing each one of them left and right.

"Nope.. not this one…. This one... hmmm yeesh too much blood. What kind of sicko tells kids to kill each other for enjoyment; despair this and hope that... note to self, remember to visit that world later for plot decimation. So for now, away with you damnation… hmmm am not after coincidental body smooch, I would have chosen Wonder Woman for that".

The iteration continued until he stopped at one particular manga "what is this?... Fate Grand Order? Hmm... isn't this that manga that has those Magic. Heroic spirit. Moon cell thingnie. And would you look at that.. They also have a magic system. While much more complicated as a result of their multiverse, still holds certain similarities to my own. And all I need to do is add just some little changes to it and Viola!... well am definitely not taking him to Fate Stay Night. Yikes it'ill just be too short and too annoying for my liking, yep Grand Order will do just fine. You're a genius, Mxy boyo!" he cackled, emulating a certain money grubbing crab.

Rubbing his hands like an old man he smirked.

"Alright, lets do this. One Billy Batson and Fate Grand Order coming right up" But just then he paused as he remembered a particular matter to deal with first or rather discuss this paticular scenario with a certain someone.

"Of course I forgot, Mxy you block head. I need to talk to their Multiverse Regulator Root-Chan about this interesting scenario" He clicked his fingers and was teleported away.


In the matters of cosmology, they all possess dissimilitude on their rather variable nature. For some of them, they have just one universe but are guided by an Infinite number of time-lines, some others may possess an Alternate dimension and some may even possess both. But ultimately they are with their own explicit differences of their composition of what a World is, their structure, and their inter relationships with one of the another.

Meanwhile In this particular dimension. The dark expanse was littered with star like universes, doting the area as far as one can perceive and for this particular case they were so much that they could be considered pretty much Infinite. At the centre of this dimension houses a giant female sleeping humanoid. It wore a white kimono and a red sash. Even as it laid in a coma like state, her sleeping expression however did not fail to hide her lovely cool countenance and her wavy like short hair.

All in all, the realm expance was orgarnised in orderliness and dutifully maintained. But like all things must come to an end, so was the peace and quiet in the realm. It was about to be disrupted by one particular loud imp.

"Heyaa!!!! Root-Chan. It's your boy Mxy!!" The short imp shouted, as he popped over.

The sleeping figure opened up her eyes seemly disoriented for a split second as she looked onto the loud party. As her eyes settled on the imp, It or rather she took on an emotionless expression and replied back in an apathetic tone.

"Oh I wondered who would actually come here but it's just you imp... well what do you want".

"Oh I wondered who would actually come here, but it's just you imp... well what do you want"

The said imp simply laughed out "oh come on don't be so cold Root-Chan, can't I come to see an old friend"

The lady figure kept on looking towards the imp with the same expression and to those who knew her they could recognize that she most definitely was about to snap, realizing that the imp hurried on.

"Err w-wwell I just came to ask for a certain. Teeny. Whinny. Favour" making a closing sign between the index and the thumb in an incomplete round shape showing their distance.

Raising an eyebrow she regarded him "and what imp should I bother granting to you what you can't do".

"Welllllll" he drawled "I needed a particular timeline in your multiverse. The grand order variety. With the particular scenario of where the heroine never meet the hero".

"And why?"

Clearing his throat he answered "well I came across this idea to input another hero in his place" shrugging out "and it's not like the universe I would have created would have the originality of your universe will, they would all be behaving how I want them to even if unknowingly"...

The very moment the imp replied, an ability of hers as the Regulator kicked in; a whole infinite possibilities and timelines exploded within the root. It caught her off guard and was summarised to say surprised at the whole new information. She saw possibilities of a Heroic Deity and his shielder fighting together, facing against all sorts of challenges, while fighting side by side. She saw their hope, she saw their joy and most of all she saw their love. Her lips twitched lightly in amusement she turned her attention back towards the Chaos imp.

"This hero" she lightly spoke "what is his name"

The imp was stumped for a minute as to why she had asked such a question. But then in a moment of realisation he arrived at his conclusion as he revealed what had happened.

"You saw something didn't you" Mxyzptlk said in a tone that stated fact rather asked a question "nope forget I asked, afterall you are all knowing to the infinite possibilities in your multiverse so don't tell me anything. You'll just ruin all the fun"

"The hero imp" she began ominously, the pressure of the Nigh-Omnipotent being began encroaching towards the imp "What. Is. His. Name"

"Shazam... his name is Shazam" the imp squeaked out in fear "sheesh woman, no need to bring the out pressure, I was about to say his name" he grumbled under his breath.

"What was that imp"

"Nope nothing "shaking his head comically the imp replied slowly continuing "…um so what's the verdict. Do you agree or not?"

For once quiet reigned over the expanse. The general overseer mulled over the repercussion concerning her would be option, it would just be safe to refuse. But for once she was interested in ripples concerning allowing a foreign entity into her multiverse... so she turned towards the imp and nodded ever so lightly.

"Alright imp, this proposition is interesting for now... so I agree".

She raised a hand and pointed it towards Mxyzptlk and what sprang forth was a pale blue line. It beheld the physical appearance of something made out of glass, but to beings like them they knew it was so much more than that. It was the physical manifestation of a timeline in this case, or in this case an alternate one. She then presented it to the imp who whopped.

"You know there will be changes to this Shazam once he enters my universe. After all he would bound by my rules, either for better or for worse" she informed to him

"Yeah, yeah of course I know all about that. That's why I needed your timeline in the first place" the imp dismissively replied back pulling a golden time line of his own. A divergence in the hero's history pulling him at a particular point in time through the usage of a Paradox began creating the necessary connections.

"Well Root-Chan that's all for now, I suppose you're gonna be watching this with me" she lightly nodded.

"Alright" he clapped and rubbed his arms like an old man, as he appareted, appearing at a whole new location from the realm that had the look of an empty movie thereter.

A popcorn poofed into his arms, as he smiled widely bekoning towards an imaginary audience.

"And finally, ladies and gentlemen let the tale of The Mightiest Mortal Grand Order... Begin".

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