The Might Of A True Uchiha {Completed} Book

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The Might Of A True Uchiha {Completed}


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A weeb, the best of the best regarding Naruto, dies when he goes to watch The Last: Naruto the Movie for the 697th time. On his way to this friends house, he crosses the steet and by the time he is in the middle part of the road, a truck materialised right infront of the Weeb and kills him. He is given a 3 wishes and a 2 perks from god for making his son drop his toy truck, and he is then reincarnated into the world of Naruto. What awaits the master of Naruto IN Naruto? But, is he really who he seems to be? The Cover is not mine, so if it belongs to you and you dont want it up, I will take it down. It is completed, if you haven’t read the title.


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