MARCH 6TH, 3030.

A young boy stood by the window of a dark room in a spaceship looking at the desolate planet Earth from afar. He was on his way back to Mars after completing a mission in Venus.

'About 700 Years ago, a few years after humanity developed the technology that could allow them to inhabit other planets around the Solar system, World War III started.'

He was doing a recap in his head, on what he had learned about the Planet Earth.

'Before the war escalated, Government and people with wealth, those so-called humanitarians, made plans to move people over to other planets. Well, it was more like they needed lab rats, in this case, lab Humans, and a way to reduce Earth's population without painting a red target on their backs and offending the people they think that mattered.'

'Around the Year 2326 Earth's population census was 14.6 billion. If their experiments were successful they would have solved Earth's overpopulation problem, even if it had failed it would still be considered a win-win situation. Cause those millions that they used as lab rats would have died.'

'They hid their true intentions under the facade of the statement "For Human Evolution". luckily for the poor people that were promised good homes and stable income regardless of their literacy if they participated, and the people that fell victim to their deceit, things went well. They started with a few million people, and when other people saw how successful the migration was, it became the new hot thing.'

'Everyone wanted to own land on another planet. About 70% of the Earth's population migrated to another planet. They moved everything that they could move from Earth to other planets, Animals, and Plants.'

'Majority of the people that stayed on Earth, apart from the soldiers that were fighting the war, were people that loved Earth's history and heritage too much to leave, and politicians. They couldn't just leave their countries without a caretaker.'

'The people that couldn't afford to leave the planet after the experiment stage, signed contracts with organizations, Drug Cartels, some Governments or people with deep pockets. They sold their lives and freedom. They feared that the war would affect them and they would be left behind to die. And they were right, if they had stayed they would have died.'

'The war started with two power holding countries and continued like that for about 4 Years. Till the enemies of these countries decided to strike them at their moment of weakness. Then some incompetent fools decided to Nuke the freaking planet.

About 4.2 billion people died on Earth due to the radiation. The Animals, Plants, and Humans that survived were mutated.'

'89% of everything in the Solar system, after leaving Earth, was Man-made. Humans started to miss Mother Nature. I mean there's a limit to how much Humans could play God.'

'You would think that Humans had learned their lesson after the first Nuclear bombing, but no, they didn't.'

'150 years after the first bombing, 99% percent of the radiation from the first bombing had been cleared and Earth was deemed safe. Organizations with power and wealth were fighting cause they all wanted to own Earth, exclusively. Then another set of incompetent fools launched Nuclear bombs with higher Gamma radiation on Earth. Since then, the planet's been desolate.'

'Now there are no such things as countries. Territories were Governed by large organizations or Families with unimaginably deep pockets, so they say.

They always got into fights with each other, most of the time it's over fickle things. Many of them don't care for the people in the territories unless you're of use to them.'

'That's how messed up Humans are. Even as technology advanced throughout the years it only made things worse. The rich got richer, the powerful stayed in power. Just For Power, Wealth, and Greed, they will do anything.'

Not like he cared though, the world hasn't been fair to him. He was no saint either.

'Alexander' is the name of the Young Man standing by the window in the darkroom. 'Alex' for short.

A 15-Year-old Assassin, the next in line as the 'Head of the Creed' of the organization 'Death's Door'. An organization that is feared and respected by many in the solar system.

Alex was one of their best agents, and also one of their most famous. Although the public didn't know what he looked like, or if he was male or female, not even his real name. But because Alex had a very high kill rate, he was given the name 'Messenger of Death'. he has intense bloodlust and immense killing intent and in this Era, those are one of the most basic requirements for survival, well unless you're rich of course.

Alex could clearly remember his first kill. It was on Planet Mars when he was just a kid of 7 Years. Before then he had been roaming around for a year or so, after his father was killed and his mother raped and killed, right in front of him by local gangsters. He vomited till his stomach was empty, he then cried till he passed out. later on, after he woke up he had hoped that everything that happened was just a nightmare, 'but the reality isn't what we hope it is, is it ?'

An orphan kid roaming the dangerous streets of Mars slum, day and night, he eats anything he could force down his throat. he begged and stole when he could.

Until he tried to steal from a man and was caught. Alex didn't try to beg for forgiveness or anything like that, he just kept on staring into the eyes of the man that caught him. The man tied a dark scarf around his head and nose area, the only thing that could be seen were his eyes.

"Hey kid, do you want to die!?"

The man in scarf said while twisting his left arm. But Alex didn't care to give him an answer or any reaction.

The man in scarf applied more force to the arm that was already being twisted, the force he applied was strong enough to make a grown man scream. but on a 7 Years old kid, it was enough to break his bones.

But Alex still didn't give him the reaction he was expecting.

"What the Hell!?"

'Is this kid human or not!?' the man in scarf thought in annoyance.

He released His killing intent.....

And yet Alex still didn't give him any reaction...


The man in scarf looked at Alex with surprise in his eyes.

"Hahahaha. Kid are you hungry?"

For the first time since they met Alex replied.

"Ye...Yes." He said with a loud but raspy voice.

"That's good. Hahahaha, even Monsters have to eat don't they?"

The man in scarf said with a wicked grin on his face, which Alex couldn't see cause the man's face was covered by the scarf he had on.

"Kid, I can see that you do not fear death so I wouldn't threaten to kill you, doing that will be pointless. Kid, do you want me to give you food?"

"Yes, p-please." Alex said with a plea this time while holding his grumbling stomach.

"Even if you're not scared of death, you're not willing to die hungry. Okay then, I will give you food, but only if you do something for me first. See those men over there?" The man in scarf said, pointing at 3 men a few blocks away from them.

'let's see how far you can go just for a meal..' The Man thought.

"I want you to kill them, I don't care how but I want it done within 40 minutes." The man released Alex's skinny hand from his grip. Alex looked at the man and saw that he was serious.

'How do you want a skinny kid like me to kill 3 grown men.' Alex thought.

As if the man in scarf could read his mind...

"Here, I'll make things a bit easier for you. Take these Combat knives. To make a quick kill, you'll have to stab them in the chest or the throat."

He gave Alex a set of combat knives that were longer than his skinny hands.

The hilt of the knives was black and the blade had a silver glow to it.. Alex felt like he had seen something he wanted, something he needed, he didn't know why but he had fallen in love with the knives. His tragedy filled eyes lit with a bit of glee in them.

Alex looked at where the men were. He stared at them for a good 3 Minutes. He was thinking of a plan on how to take them down, effectively, and efficiently. But being a kid, what he could do was limited by a great deal. He made a very basic plan in his head.

He would run towards the men with a knife in his right hand hidden under his dirty shirt. He would keep the second knife in his pants. His objective was to attack the man further away from his companions, that was the man at the back of his group. He had to use a surprise attack on him, he would jump right into the man's chest with the blade aiming for his heart...

'His companions wouldn't be expecting an attack on Broad daylight in these streets. After shanking the big man at the back, I'll still have a few seconds left of my element of surprise, I can still take one more down with the same knife I used to take the first one down... After stabbing the second man in a vital spot, I'll have to leave the blade in his body so that the third man can drop his guard down.

If he doesn't see any weapon on me, a kid with no weapon is like a lion cub with no teeth. I can still take the third guy down with the element of surprise.

I'll have to act like I'm about to escape the scene and make him give Chase, the moment he's close to me I'll bring the second knife out and lunge straight at his chest...'

He stretched his skinny arms to take the knives, and surprisingly they weren't as heavy as they looked. He tore the sleeves of his shirt and used the first piece to tie one of the knives on his thin laps, and the other piece, to camouflage the knife tied to his laps. He turned his focus back to the man in scarf and said.

"If... If I kill them.... within 40 Minutes, will you really give me something to eat?"

There was a tinge of doubt in Alex's voice.

The man brought down the scarf that was covering his nose and mouth. The man in scarf was smirking when saw what Alex did with his sleeves. ' Smart kid..'

He praised in his mind. The man in scarf wasn't expecting Alex to succeed, he was certain that the kid couldn't kill the 3 men. He just wanted to crush the boy's hopes or the only hope he has.

He raised his left hand to check the time on a device that Alex wasn't familiar with. Then he said.

" You've got 39 Minutes left kid. Surprise me."

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