27 Recipe

In an awkward silence, the two began to eat.

Luck was very nervous about having been kidnapped, but when he managed to calm down a little thanks to the delicious star monster meat, thoughts began to swirl in his mind.

'Why could he have kidnapped me?'

Based on the man's clothes, the way he dressed, the way he ate, and the fact that he had a servant serving him, he couldn't have been a poor man, so he couldn't have kidnapped Luck to extort a few thousand gold coins he had earned in a short time.

'If not for my money...for my shop?'

His shop, which had become the busiest place in the short marketplace, was a place that people would want to get, but Luck shook his head and dismissed the idea.

'If he wanted the shop he didn't need to kidnap me, he could have talked to the owner and bought it'.

As Luck was lost in thought, he glanced at the man in front of him and realized that the man was looking at him with piercing eyes.

Luck shuddered. 'Or is it for me...'

Noticing the man wiping his mouth with a white handkerchief, the servant quickly began to collect the plates from the table.

Luck was surprised as he watched the plates full of food in front of him being taken one by one.

'Hey, I haven't even finished yet!' he thought inwardly.

"Mr Luck, you must be wondering why I am hosting you here." The man's cold voice was heard.

Luck's face crumpled, 'look at the concept of hospitality, they knocked me out with dust and kidnapped me!' but he couldn't say his thoughts because he was afraid of the man in front of him.

"Yes, I wonder why you kidnapped me."

The man rolled his eyes "Kidnap is a bad word, let's just say we are hosting you against your will."

This time it was Luck's turn to roll his eyes "So who are you and why are you putting me up here?"

At this point, the servant placed a box in front of Luck as the man signaled.

"My name is Aden Star, I am a member of the Star family, and the reason we are hosting you here is because of the contents of the box in front of you."

'Aden Star... I don't think I've ever heard of such a person before...' he thought, but he opened the box the servant put in front of him because he was curious.

Salt, sugar, pepper, black pepper, mint, thyme, various spices... Hamburger... Some clothes and many other things like his phone were in the box.

Everything in the box was what he was selling, except his phone.

Luck was stunned to see the phone in the box, but then he was struck by lightning when he looked at what he was wearing.

'They've changed my clothes! They must have taken everything off me!" he hadn't realized that his clothes had been changed because of the shock of his abduction and the fact that there was no mirror around.

Luck looked at Aden in confusion "What does the contents of this box have to do with my abduction?"

Aden said exasperatedly "I told you I was the guest...anyway."

"You're a very bad influence on my business, Mr Luck."

Luck didn't understand anything at first, but then he remembered the time Horace and Halt had warned him.

Luck took the salt in the box and said, "Are you the nobleman who owns the Starlight restaurant?"

A smile appeared on Aden's face. Even though he was still treated like a bastard in the Star family, he liked it very much when people called him noble.

"Yes, I am the noble who owns the Starlight."

"I have stopped selling salt, even though I may have affected your business at first, it shouldn't happen anymore."

Aden chuckled "What about that hamburger you were selling?"

Luck couldn't understand what hamburger had to do with their subject, "Hamburger?"

Aden nodded his head in agreement "Yes, because of the hamburgers you sold, the customers coming to my shop decreased so much that my profits dropped by 70%! How will you compensate me?"

"Cover your losses? Why?"

"Why?" Aden chuckled "Because of you I didn't make any money and it's all your fault."

Luck was speechless at Aden's irrationality. "I stopped you from making money just because I opened a shop? And he wants me to compensate him?

Luck gritted his teeth, "How do you want me to compensate you?"

A sly smile appeared on Aden's face "I've already made you an offer, I want you to sell me your recipes."

"When I rejected Sam, you decided to kidnap me... Sorry, put me up for a guest..."

Aden ignored Luck's sarcasm and said, "Look, I'm not even forcing you to give me your recipes, I want you to sell them to me," as if in a favor.

Luck shook his head, "And what will you pay me for my recipes?"

A predatory smile appeared on Aden's face "Payment, what payment? You've cost me thousands of gold pieces, you'll sell me the recipe for my loss."

'The son of a bitch says he will buy my recipe... rubbish!'

"If you don't like this form of payment..." Aden started to tap his finger on the table. As his finger hit the table, the tabletop started to freeze. "Unpleasant things may happen to you..."

Aden had now revealed his true colors, dropped all his lies about being a guest and buying, and showed his true intentions.

Luck bowed his head and said, "Okay, get me a pen and paper..."

Clap! Clap! Clap!

"Wise judgment, bring pen and paper."

Soon the servant brought a parchment inkwell and a feather in front of Luck. 

Although he had difficulty writing with the feather, Luck soon finished writing and handed it back to the servant.

The servant immediately passed the parchment to Aden.

For the meatballs, grate the onion, squeeze the juice, and mix it into the mince. Add salt, black pepper, cumin, breadcrumbs, chopped parsley, and egg and knead well. Divide the mince into four equal pieces and roll them flat. Cook in a pan with a non-stick surface from front to back until golden brown...

Aden's face darkened as he read what was written on the parchment.

Onion... black pepper... cumin... these were expensive things and there were also things like breadcrumbs and parsley that he had never heard of before.

Aden looked at Luck with angry eyes and said "You're kidding me!" and hit his hand on the table.

The place where Aden hit the table turned into ice and broke into pieces.

Luck was frightened when he saw the table crumbling into pieces, "No, I'm very serious, this is the recipe for hamburger patties."

Aden was fuming "If this recipe is true, how can you sell hamburger for 5 silver? Rubbish!"

All the dignified and noble images Aden was trying to project collapsed.

"Lord Aden, calm down," the servant said, fearing that Aden might kill Luck in his rage.

"Are you trying to order me around!" cold air filled the room, so cold that Luck felt even the snot in his nose freeze.

"I wouldn't dare, sir, but you won't get the answers you want if you kill that man in anger." 

Aden, who had woken up for a moment at his servant's reminder, calmed down when he looked at the mess he had created. 

'A nobleman should not be like this,' he thought. For Aden, who was now a nobleman, such unseemly behavior was unacceptable. As a former bastard, he made a reckless effort to behave in a manner befitting a nobleman.

Turning around and waving his hand, Aden said, "Take him back to his room and we will continue our conversation in a more pleasant manner tomorrow."

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