1184 True Fanaticism

Leland's warning proved prophetic. The New Ylvaine Dynasty was one of the most notorious terrorist groups in the Protectorate. Under the leadership of their insane incarnation of Prophet Ylvaine, they didn't hesitate to kill their fellow Ylvainans in order to further their cause!

Right now, the Grand Church of the Grey Martyr lost its peace and serenity in the most awful way possible! A lot of locals already died due to the suicide attacks, and many more perished due to the subsequent stampede!

The worst part about it was that once the Ylvainans passed through the enormous main doors, they instantly became swept up by a battle between giants.

The True Believers hid numerous mechs throughout Krent and deployed them at the same time!

Even though the Protectors of the Faith maintained a strong guard presence around the grand church, a fifth of them suddenly turned against their comrades!


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