3891 Too Careful

While Vincent fell into a rare introspective mood, the other mech pilots of the Larkinson Clan were not as consumed by their thoughts!

Plenty of mech pilots invested their full effort into defeating the opponents in front of them. Space storms and spatial warping frequently struck their mechs and by extension their bodies, but these Larkinsons did not back down from the fight!

The only concession they made was letting the Evolver fish-whales take the lead in confronting their Phaser counterparts.

The Evolvers did not seem to notice the actions of their allies. All they focused upon was their old foes and rivals.

The Cerebral King and its subjects had fought against the Phase King and the other Phasers many times!

Though it had been many years since they last had a proper fight, the current generation of Evolver fish-whales fully inherited the hatred of the Cerebral King towards the other fish-whale kingdoms!


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