4815 Timeless

Holding the Heavensword was literally the opportunity of a lifetime to Ketis.

Who could ever claim to have seen a grand work up close, let alone touching it with his or her bare skin?

The newly advanced swordmaster deeply realized that this honor and privilege would have unimaginable benefits to her future work.

Ketis had never handled such high-level swords in the past. Her vision was much more modest due to spending a long time working with humble third-class mechs and swords.

Though she knew that her double advancement along with her new connections to the Heavensword Association would help her elevate her work, her impression of what she could produce at her limit had always been vague and insubstantial.

Not anymore.

From the moment she held a grand work of unsurpassed quality and power, Ketis gained a much clearer idea on what skills and abilities she needed to acquire to make her own swords of unsurpassed might and capability!


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