4834 The Sensitive Hound

Even though Ves did not treat this as a critical project, he still took the time to do it right.

This was the first companion spirit he made after a long time. Much had changed since that time.

He recently completed a comprehensive evolution that not only turned him into a phase lord but also boosted his Spirituality to a new height.

He completed a lot of interesting projects and improved many aspects of his spiritual engineering.

He became exposed to many new and interesting phenomena that allowed him to harvest a lot of useful insights.

All of these gains and more granted him much greater confidence in his ability to implant useful companion spirits into other people.

No matter whether they possessed active spiritualities or not, Ves would find a way.

After all, if he had been able to grant companion spirits to his unborn children, then doing the same to a bunch of average people should not be challenging!


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