4808 The Perils of the Sword

Why had Ketis never heard about these supposed heroes and villains?

When had traditional swordsmanship ever been ubiquitous enough for skilled practitioners to exist in every state?

Ketis grew confused. Though she was not particularly well-versed in the history of the traditions of the Heavensword Association, traditional swordsmanship had never entered the mainstream of human society as far as she was concerned.

What Director Astoria Kelric just said did not seem to add up. Had someone censored the history books?

"I understand your confusion." The woman in charge of the resort floating above the streets of Kotor City spoke up. "It is difficult to reconcile what I have said with the information you currently possess. This is not a deliberate attempt to distort the history of our civilization. It is instead a consequence of trying to reshape humanity into a better and brighter future."

This caused Ketis to look offended.


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