The Mech Touch

After obtaining the Mech Designer System, Ves aims to create the greatest mechs in the galaxy! In the far future, the galactic human civilization has entered the Age of Mechs. The countless lesser powers of humanity have come to adopt mechs as their main weapons of war. Only a small number of humans have the right genetic aptitude to pilot these destructive war machines the size of buildings. Born to a military family in the edge of the galaxy, Ves Larkinson is one of the many people who lacks the talent to earn glory in battle. Instead, he became a mech designer. Helped by his missing father, Ves has obtained the mysterious Mech Designer System that can help him rise in the galaxy and beyond. His mechs based on the principles of life quickly allows him to rise to prominence. Powerful and highly compatible with mech pilots, his products have the potential to take the market by storm. However, success does not come easily, and countless challenges bar his ability to sell his mechs to a market eager for innovation! With the sins of the human race in the galactic arena slowly catching up, Ves must navigate the perils of the ultra-competitive mech market and maintain control over his growing organization of misfits. This is the golden age of mechs. This is the golden age of humanity. The question is, will it last? "Any challenge can be overcome as long as I design the right mech!" --Join The Mech Touch's unofficial Discord server! https://discord.gg/APB5KCU --Follow my Instagram and Twitter! https://www.instagram.com/mlduong https://twitter.com/MLDuong --Cover Art by Derek-Paul Carll (carlldpn) --The Mech Touch is an original webnovel written by ML "Exlor" Duong. The Mech Touch is mainly published on Webnovel.com and a select few platforms affiliated with the parent company of this website.

Exlor · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
6164 Chs

Pauper's Perspective

Diandi Base became a lot quieter now that Tusa and Gloriana departed.

Both of them boarded one of the destroyers of the Bluejay Fleet in order to make their way to one of the larger strongholds of the Red Association.

The mechers clearly wanted to put greater effort into deepening their relationship with the two young stars, so they prepared a grander reception for the newly ascended ace pilot and Senior Mech Designer.

Ves did not really mind this. Better treatment translated into greater power and influence. He was not afraid that his cousin and his wife would put the cart before the horse and put the interests of the Red Association above the interests of the Larkinson Clan.

From a strategic perspective, it was better if other Larkinsons helped to prop up the clan aside from their patriarch.