1183 Money's Worth

Ves appreciated the Grand Church of the Grey Martyr. Its museum and teaching wing gave visitors an intimate impression of the Grey Martyr and the early days of the Ylvainan Faith up until the end of the Great Flight.

He knew that the displays and accompanying texts deliberately glossed over the less flattering aspects of the faith. The Attendants of Ylvaine shaped a narrative that inspired both existing believers and nonbelievers.

Obviously, even if the Ylvaine Protectorate gave up on trying to convert the whole galaxy to their faith, they never let go of their dream to spread their faith. Prophet Ylvaine explicitly commanded his followers to do so in many occasions.

Reality trumped the commandments of their holy prophet. With the current strength of the Protectorate, they wouldn't even be able to convert a single neighboring state! Embarking on a grand crusade would only lead to a swift end to the state and the extermination of their entire faith!


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