4849 Initial Reactions

Many different people paid close attention to the work of the famous patriarch of the Larkinson Clan.

It was not an exaggeration to say that a significant proportion of the audience solely decided to observe the Twin Weapons Tournament in order to see Ves in action.

Whether they could gain anything useful out of their observations was another matter. Laymen couldn't understand anything while Master Mech Designers derived a frightening amount of information from their limited observations.

No matter how well they understood mechs, nobody had a clear idea of what Ves and Juliet had in mind!

Within the floating VIP booth where a bunch of Larkinsons were observing their patriarch with rapt attention, a lot of discussion had broken out as soon as they figured out the mech types that Ves and Juliet had selected for their competition entries.

Miles Tovar frowned. "I thought that Ves would base his mechs on his old classics."


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