4788 Identity Confusion

What was his birthright?

Was it to gain the power of a primordial human and inherit the power and knowledge of his mother?

That did not appear to be the case. His mother had never told him about any of her extraordinary history back when she was originally alive.

She never left any clues when she died and did not set any expectations on Ves either.

If Cynthia Larkinson had her way, her son would have grown up as an ordinary third-class citizen of a fairly normal third-rate state that was far removed from the dangerous power plays and galactic developments that made the galactic heartland and the galactic center so treacherous.

The answer he gained from his eldest sister made him more confused. His mother injected him with as much potential as she could manage, but never imparted any expectations for him. This was another contradiction that troubled Ves.


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