3771 Finding a Key

Understanding his future direction was the greatest gift that he could obtain at this point in his career.

If Ves hadn't been thinking about creating spirit fruits, he wouldn't have thought about achieving similar results through mechs.

The impact of this idea on his approach to mech design could not be overstated!

So far, his design philosophy was defined by two major developments.

The first development was the decision to pursue living mechs.

Ves believed that making mechs alive would help mech pilots perform better than if they piloted a lifeless equivalent.

The theory was simple to him. If a portion of the burden of piloting and fighting against the enemy could be transferred to the living mech, then the combination of the two working together could potentially result in much better performance!

Over the years, Ves had made a lot of progress in turning living mechs into a defining advantage of his products.


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