3976 Fifth Round of Mech Design Projects

The design of the Larkinson Clan's expert mechs was a fantastic occasion for every participating mech designer to explore the upper limits of their design capabilities.

Since they were usually designed by Seniors and Masters, it was not uncommon for expert mechs to serve as testbeds for their latest technological innovations.

While the mech designers of the Larkinson Clan were merely Journeymen, each of them had already developed different solutions that they would love to apply to a mech with a high performance limit.

Unfortunately, only a limited number of mech designers could make meaningful contributions to a mech design at a time.

The generally accepted limit was 5 contributors. Any more than that and there would be too many cooks in the kitchen. The direction and vision of a mech design would become completely muddled, leading to a phenomenon where too much potential was being wasted.


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