3896 Bloody Canvas

From the moment the Everchanger lit up in a different fashion than before, the course of the battle had completely changed!

Up until this point, the elite Phaser fish-whales utilized their various advantages to steadily gain the upper hand in this battle.

With both the future of the Phase Kingdom and their personal stashes of phasewater at risk, the Phasers had every reason to fight as ferociously and with as much desperation as possible!

Retreat wasn't in their consideration as they utilized their rich phasewater abilities and good coordination to defeat the thieves that stole their bounty.

With the advantage of numbers, these motivated Phasers were beating the coalition of mechs and Evolvers at a steady rate.

The casualties that had fallen were littering the space between landmasses. Bloody chunks of fish-whale flesh along with broken pieces of metal from fallen mechs continued to fling out into every direction.


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