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One day,while I am chillin' in a hospital bed,an unknown man visited me and said. "Hey, princess....you don't belong here," before I even have the chance to curse him from his head to toe,left and right ,until his body is bleeding from the hundred curse of my tongue lashing for calling me a princess, "Me",the HUNK me!,He already kicked me out of the world I knew and dropped me in a body of another man! In my original world, I peppered my words with curses. I went wild until I dropped dead. I got drunk until I crawl. But currently, I must behave..... definitely behave.....utterly behave..... Because the body I am possessing is a frickin' princess!!!fuck it!!!. Or else,this head of mine will definitely roll down in a blink of an eye... I will say it again in my heart.....DAMN IT!!!

tearless · Fantasy
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Demon : Zhen

Chapter 29 Demon : Zhen

Song Xi don't have any idea how to answer his warm greetings. He can't just answer this person with "oh,hello brother, can you tell me who you are? I don't have memory of you right now", that would be a big blunder . So , he just go to his ice face mode!, this act really has its uses at times like this, Armed with his expressionless face, he face the man.

The wolf beside him walk slowly and whine with much discontent towards the man.

"Yours? " Song Xi ask while observing the person.

"Hhmm....you can say that., " The man answered with his deep voice, he give the wolf a little tap in the head.

Does this man used the wolf to fetched him and bring him here?

"It's been so long , how are you now, Xin?", This person talks was if they are very close before.

"I am fine," Hhmm,are you a friend or a foe?, That's what he really want to say.

"You're fine ....and yet you didn't look for me?," The warm smile turns warmer, but Song Xi can feel the air becoming chiller by the minute.

" I didn't know you want to meet me," he answered with a low voice,

"You didn't know?" The man inclined his head like he is surprise with his question.

Do I suppose to know that? D***! Song Xi doesn't even have any recollection of this man in his memory, how is he supposed to know?!, Aahh-! Oldie Song Xi!,you will doom me with your terrible memory gap!, This man even call you by your nickname and you dare forget him!aish!!.

While lamenting inside and flooding his heart with tears, Song Xi stood elegantly with straight back , answered him coldly " do I....need to know?" , After he said that he wants to slap himself! The person ,even with blindfold on his eyes ,he can see his brows hitch a notch with his answer, like he Didn't expect such answer from him.

The person, with his hand on his chin ,walks around him. Song Xi can feel his back sweat profusely . This person eyes might be covered but he can feel with certainty. He can still see him closely, much more than what the eyes could see!. Is he using divine sense?. He had to take note that even if he is mage12, he didn't manage to sense this person a while ago. That means, they might be on the same level or this person had a treasure to conceal himself,or worst this person is more powerful than him. He needs to be careful.

" Xin, do you remember me?" The person suddenly stand still and ask him.

Song Xi watch his every move. The way the tip of the ribbon covering his eyes swaying in the wind with his hair. The tassels of his sword gave a small clink with his every steps. And his voice...his mind keeps telling he needs to be careful but his instinct for danger just shut off on him, there's no warning alarm either.

Song Xi's memories might not have this man but why is this person feels so familiar with each passing moment? That's strange...,And who the F is the one screaming in his mind over and over again?

"ZHEN!!! ZHEN!!! HE IS ZHENSHI!!!!" The voice is echoing inside him that even his ears are ringing from it! Have I gone insane!? D*** I*!, That's Song Xi's memory screaming at him! What a violent reaction just from a mere memory!,

He didn't notice the uncertainty flash in his eyes for a moment before it returns to a calm and cold ones as before.

" Zhen...", Song Xi let out the name with calmness he didn't feel right now. This freakin' Memory dare remember this persons name but left out everything!!!why don't you just spill it all?!

The man stood still for a few moments and study the elegant Song Xi infront of him. Even the wolf looks at him with bright eyes and pointy ears from excitement .

" That's good...,very good ..,I am glad you remember," the warm smile before turns into full blown laughter ,like This person Zhen is really happy.

Oh please ,don't be glad, it's only your name I know, nothing more....

The situation in the Beasts Land got more chaotic when batch after batch of Cultivators enter. They are Teleported to different spot of the seventh level. All of the Cultivators enter is definitely the cream of the crop of cultivation world but the spirit beasts they encounter Are far ridiculous in numbers ,ability and cultivation. It become a hindrance for them to come immediately to the place where the divine component is.

Xuan Li wielding his sword and fighting with a gigantic two headed fire ice lizard. Each head spewing either ice or fire, he use a spell of summoning the spiritual energy around him for a full blown attack on the beast! All that spiritual energy pooled at the shining and thrumming majestic sword he holds.

This beast is almost the same level at him, the fight is never easy from the moment he step on the grounds of Beasts Land, this is the second beast he had no choice but fight!

" Be proud you damn Beast! I Xuan Li , will be the one to kill you!," With confidence, he flew towards one the head who spewing torrents of fire.He take the brunt in its onslaught of attack , and give back one slash of his sword towards its neck! The slash is a clean cut! One of the head drop to the ground in a blink of an eye!

Xuan Li tried slash again the other neck but the Beast is already in rage ! He get away from it fast while activating a treasure for defense. The blood flowing from the cut neck is highly toxic! A drop of it cause a part of the ground melt. He look at the neck he used so much spiritual energy to cut and with much distaste ,it is already started to regenerate.

"Tsk! I don't want to be stuck here for long! I have more important things to do than fighting this lizard..." His clan members already left to find that divine component while he alone left behind to take its attention for the others to leave with no hassle. It seems like to leave he really needs to fight seriously.

" The real fight is not even started for that divine and yet I need to fight with my all with this bastard," he didn't expect this beast to be this powerful.

The other clans is in the same situation as Xuan Li, they are being held up by the Spirit Beast in the area! But out of all the fightings, The clan Lord from Song clan is the most ferocious! His spear is killing one after the other of the beast dare step infront of him!

While at it he is berating the elder beside him who is contacting the eight person team that is previously with Song Xi.

"You are all useless!!!Idiots!!! There are eight of you around Xi!!! And he still gone missing!!! what's the use of you all !,you can't even guard a single person! And you call yourself a master in cultivation!!!fuck you all!!!weaklings!! ", Song Tian is fuming with rage when he received the news of Song Xi's disappearance.

The other clan members are silent around them. Looking pityful at the elder, while some are gloating inside. They all knew how important the young master to their clan lord and yet those eight guards mess up big time. Now they won't have to worry about the Spirit beast attacking them as their clan lord is becoming more wild on slaughtering them. The only thing to worry about how can they find their young master to calm their clan lord...

The said Young master ,our little MC is currently sitting woodenly in a comfortable seat infront of a table filled with sumptuous delicacies.

"This Zhen actually set up a picnic table and chairs in the middle of the meadow, produce warm saliva enducing food from his sleeves and set up a screen to watch what's happening in each level of Beasts Land. This is having a very good view, good food, VIP seats in live payper view match.

He thought that he himself a while ago is like a tourist taking a relaxing safari in the Beasts Land. Now, he feels that the safari tour has a tour meal package with complete viewing experience ready at his beck and call. Ridiculously satisfying....

He look at Zhen sitting opposite of him. He is smiling warmly at him.


""A drop of tear ruin me

A drop of rain drowned me

In the middle of the flood

A ray of sun enter my horizon

Heal me, bring life to me,

Give his everything to the me

Who is not worthy."

- Black box -