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One day,while I am chillin' in a hospital bed,an unknown man visited me and said. "Hey, princess....you don't belong here," before I even have the chance to curse him from his head to toe,left and right ,until his body is bleeding from the hundred curse of my tongue lashing for calling me a princess, "Me",the HUNK me!,He already kicked me out of the world I knew and dropped me in a body of another man! In my original world, I peppered my words with curses. I went wild until I dropped dead. I got drunk until I crawl. But currently, I must behave..... definitely behave.....utterly behave..... Because the body I am possessing is a frickin' princess!!!fuck it!!!. Or else,this head of mine will definitely roll down in a blink of an eye... I will say it again in my heart.....DAMN IT!!!

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Demon : Enter the Beasts land

Chapter 22 Demon : Enter the Beasts land

Inside the Tianxin island, looming dark clouds are in the highest region of beast land. This is the place where almost no one can intrude. Lightnings struck and crushes the ground. In just a moment ,it become a full thunderstorm creating havoc to the endless mountain ranges. But what's peculiar is, the thunderstorm suddenly vanished after a few minutes . The skies become brighter sunny day .

In the center of the highest region. There is a temple like structure with countless sigyl on the ground. The sigyls are still covered in sparks after being struck by a huge load of lightning a while ago. Crackle sounds came from the sigyls. Then a horizontal cut suddenly appeared in the air above the sigyls. When it opens, the space around immediately tried to close it again but a hands appeared and fully open the cut. Then a man emerge in a very relax manner.

" I'm back," a little smile appeared on the man lips.

"' this is the location, one of ours already there to observe. You know what to do ,Xi ," Song Xi nods after his father instructions. They got a news from the immortals of their clan inside the Beast land. There is something to be born inside the Tianxin island . If it is what the clan suspect, it will definitely be incredible. And his father gave him a little mission. He just needs to take a walk and observe.

" Just a little walk, take some air, enjoy the view ,you can even make a scene if you want to," He looks at his Father, he understands why he gives him this mission. They wants their billboard to be a distraction. And that billboard is me .

"I never knew there will come a day , I will be an image model, damn!,", He can't help but sneer at himself inside.

In the stage where the Viewing screens are located, there are thousands of non participants watching what's happening inside the Beast land.

" The spiritual pressure is too high in the sixth level ! How can they fight an imoogi if they are this sluggish even when are just walking?,"

"This is showing us whose the real powerful and who is just a paper tiger in this generation of cultivators."

" Why they are not showing us what's happening in the seventh level?," A young cultivator ask .

"How could they? The spiritual pressure on that place can kill already a nascent cultivators, how can a mere recording treasure able to handle that pressure?'

"Ah, find a higher grade recording treasure?"

"Idiot, do you know how expensive is that? And with this much participants, how many do they need? Last time someone made something like that, the price reach up to a mid Clan's value"

"Woah! That pricey!,"

" Just how many will survive that second level?, Too many are already died or disqualified in just three days,"

"Only the Fang Clan has the most cultivators in there,"

" That Song twins are really incredible. It's almost impossible to win against them if they are together!"

" Wait! Look at that person walking towards the entrance?! A surprise loud voice suddenly heard around the non participants. Almost instantly, excitement reign after they saw that person.

" Song Xi! It is really Song Xi! He'll finally enter the islands!"

" Damn! After two hundred years, he will participate again!" People who still remember what happened in the past ,some filled with resentment while some is eager to watch what he'll do this time around.

" Hey, there is rumor about him about regressing his levels to mage 8, is that true?,

"Huh, yeah,heard that too, but that guy is Song Xi!, Transcending levels is his thing"

"What do you expect to the number one person in his generation?,the Song Clan is too lucky to have this guy"

" This guy will crushed those weaklings in the sixth level!"

Song Xi can hear everything those non participants talking about. His ears are already bleeding, he almost trip when he heard those comments.

. "Guys! Don't expect too much to this poor self of mine, crushing people is not my thing,ah, this guy didn't even know how to fly riding a sword, his sense of balance is so awful!he even implicate me.....ah,"

" Just what this dude done in the past for this much people to be this excited with just his participation?"

" Number one in his generation?,we'll he had a high cultivation level," he gives a nod at that "but he still a stone person! ,is that a requirements to be a cool dude? You know , the expressionless, icy Jade face? I watched some drama when I was still in earth, and majority of them is like that! , Why is that?,

" This people... You didn't know how forgetful this person is...." While bashing the image of the original Song Xi inside, he is walking elegantly outside. A fan on his hand, his moon white clothes with maple leaves on the his sleeves flows in the wind. Silver hair is properly groomed with a hair crown. He is the image of a perfect image model...err ...young master of Song Clan.

He is standing infront of the entrance when he stop, He already flung that useless sword inside his qiankun bag and his father said make a scene, Hhmm. I will do it...just a little. He open a fraction of his fan and sway it a little. It produce a massive elemental energy that condensed itself in a fast manner . In just a moment , the condense energy form into an impressive palanquin with four wind elemental energies on its four sides.

Song Xi entered the palanquin and sit comfortably inside.

" Take some fresh air and enjoy some view.., this will do ," with a tap ,the palanquin float and fly to enter the Beast land

" I am a soul gatherer.

Yet my soul is stolen

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