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One day,while I am chillin' in a hospital bed,an unknown man visited me and said. "Hey, princess....you don't belong here," before I even have the chance to curse him from his head to toe,left and right ,until his body is bleeding from the hundred curse of my tongue lashing for calling me a princess, "Me",the HUNK me!,He already kicked me out of the world I knew and dropped me in a body of another man! In my original world, I peppered my words with curses. I went wild until I dropped dead. I got drunk until I crawl. But currently, I must behave..... definitely behave.....utterly behave..... Because the body I am possessing is a frickin' princess!!!fuck it!!!. Or else,this head of mine will definitely roll down in a blink of an eye... I will say it again in my heart.....DAMN IT!!!

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Demon : Collecting Souvenirs in the Beasts land

Chapter 24 Demon : Collecting Souvenirs in the Beasts land

While our little Protagonist is enjoying his excursion in the Beasts land. The night gradually came. All the cultivators in the Island is on full alert for another night of endless attacks from the beast and other unexpected things that happens in the island. Song Xi decided to settle down near a river.

He came down from the palanquin and it immediately vanished. Song Xi open the fan on his hand and gently fan himself , then walk on the edges of the river. From the afternoon till now, he is thinking what will he do to make a scene as his father requested.

" Hhmmm, that little imoogi lizard is still not seen by anyone for the past few days,for the meantime, Will this do ?, " He ask himself while glancing at the river. The deep river is very calm in the surface but at the bottom , there is something huge swimming with great agility. Lurking around, waiting for some prey to first upon.

"A rare Golden horned serpent, that horn is the thing that Song Xi needs in one of his unfinished spiritual weapon, that body can be used in making a pill, Hhmm" , he looked at the spot where he can feel the serpent is passing, then open his fan in full and sway it fast in that direction! The water of the river can be seen cut in a clean manner, from the bottom to top!, It literally stop from flowing while golden horned serpent look at the man above and hisses in panic!, It tried to slither away but he can't enter the water of the river! It feels the river that has been cut has a glass that can't be broken through, his only passage is above water!

Song Xi looked at the hundred meters serpent coiling fast! It looks at him And hissing loudly in rage! It is really huge, with its mouth showing its fangs full of venom.

"Oh , that venom can be used in potions...." , He close his fan with a snap, he just realized in the close contact how many things this worm can produce! A high quality product! From that tip of the horned to that tip of the tail. Definitely a rare quality product!

"Ehem!!, The Song Clan perspective in money making is really contagious...., But I might as well take this worm as a rent for using this body, " while he is busy calculating the body parts of this quality product, The serpent lift off at the bottom of the river and with large mouth opening, ready to gulp him fast!

Song Xi stare at the fast approaching golden horned serpent, With a close fan on hand, he swat its head and it flew away from the river! The gigantic serpent drop in the ground with a thud. The water in the river finally flow again while a scene of a seemingly delicate man approach the coiling serpent, its head is shaking like it is having a headache. But it stop and with its huge eyes ,stared at the man infront of him with a hiss. Its head swaying ,the long serpent move it's body to elevate its height even more, The hiss is getting more louder ,it's getting hurtful to the ears. This serpent is making his boundary by this noises And it's horn is getting darker in color, ready to attack anytime.

" This little worm is gathering spiritual energy in his horn, but it is still this slow, ?" Song Xi muses at himself. Then he stopped . There is someone flying fast towards them. " A cultivator this fast in this kind of Spiritual pressure.."

The serpent notice his attention goes on the approaching person. It immediately springs to action! It's tail like whip attack Song Xi but a barrier like words spell is encircling him. With an angry hiss, A beam like light fired from the dark horn of the serpent then the boundary it made a while ago bolster it a few times and attack the barrier around Song Xi! Their surrounding immediately become a flat ground with cracks from that attack!. When the dust settle down, the serpent saw the delicate man still standing on the same spot like before , a word spell still encircling him. His gathered beam didn't even made a crack on his barrier.

With a hiss ,the serpent started to back up, it is clear he can't defeat much more eat this cultivator. The serpent slither off farther trying to escape. But the man stared at it too calmly. His hand lift and from the tip of his finger, a beam like energy ,the same energy as the serpent before fired fast and attack the escaping serpent in the center of the head.It even break to the side of the serpent and destroy the forest behind it Yes, he absorbed the attacked and used it to return the same courtesy to the serpent. The attacked leaves kilometers long traces.

The gigantic serpent drop to the ground with a big thump when the person fast approaching from before came and saw it. The man immediately taken aback when he saw who killed this serpent.

"Young master Xuan Tu," he gives him a nod.

"Young master Song ," Xuan Tu return the same, then looks again at the fallen serpent."You got a good game , how lucky , a rare Golden horned snake and still young "

" Hhm, a Good souvenir,"

Xuan Tu can't help but snort inside , souvenir? What do you think of this Beasts land? Your vacation site? Tsk ..., Xuan Li keeps bugging me to be wary of this person, but This person is just a mage, hmph,that attack from before probably came from his talismans,I'll just avoid this person. Whether you are overrated or what. I don't really care .

Song Xi take out a small rectangular glass piece and let it absorb the body of the serpent, then put it back in his qiankun pouch.

" Young master Song, it seems like you wouldn't have any problems traveling alone here in Beasts land. I might as well leave you here to hunt good beasts while the imoogi still not found", Xuan Tu said , Song Xi just nod, not really want him to be around. They are just about to part ways when the ground suddenly shift! There is something moving underneath the ground they are standing in!.

Xuan Tu immediately fly riding his sword while Song Xi snap his fan and activate his barrier. A blast suddenly ruptured the ground near them, a bloodied man jump from below and quickly run towards them! The ground shift more and a head of a caterpillar like spirit monster appeared! ,

" Nether worm! What the hell!," Xuan Tu fly higher when he saw what's below them . Nether worm is a giant caterpillar like monster with a human face. Its body is full of poison, Its mouth keep spewing poison gas while some body part of a human is still in its teeth, smelly pus keeps dripping from its soft body.

Song Xi tried to leave but the bloodied man run towards him! The nether worm caught sight of the man and crawl towards them.

" Aaahhh, It's you! Ahh, Song Xi ! , Young Master Song! Please help me!," The man is crying while trying to run towards Song Xi.

From afar , they didn't notice , a golden eyes keeps watching their every move from the darkness. Spying, lurking like a predator toward his prey...


"Back then I promised you that I'll protect you ,

But I don't really know how can I protect you from myself"

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