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One day,while I am chillin' in a hospital bed,an unknown man visited me and said. "Hey, princess....you don't belong here," before I even have the chance to curse him from his head to toe,left and right ,until his body is bleeding from the hundred curse of my tongue lashing for calling me a princess, "Me",the HUNK me!,He already kicked me out of the world I knew and dropped me in a body of another man! In my original world, I peppered my words with curses. I went wild until I dropped dead. I got drunk until I crawl. But currently, I must behave..... definitely behave.....utterly behave..... Because the body I am possessing is a frickin' princess!!!fuck it!!!. Or else,this head of mine will definitely roll down in a blink of an eye... I will say it again in my heart.....DAMN IT!!!

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Demon : Blood field

Chapter 21 : demon : Blood field

The day inside the beast land is generally peaceful. Just a little scuffle between cultivators and few fights with beasts. Nothing serious as the man eating frog appeared. Cultivators who have few knowledge of this world started to get used to it and relaxed their guards, and that's their fatal mistake .

There is a different story when the night came. The night where darkness covers everything , It's the perfect time for the hunters to hunt. To finally take their rewards for the whole day of watching those little cultivators who dare to step on their land. The peaceful land turns to a blood field.

The second level becomes a hunting ground of the beast hordes. Different species of Savage Beasts that is too vicious and dreadful. Some as high as the tallest tree in the forest , some are man eating insect that is small as a normal one. In the Land, in the sky , even in waters . The hunted, the body enhancement cultivators is scurrying around when they can't deal with the beast hunting them. But there are the impressive ones who can fight them easily, this are the current leading cultivators in body enhancement level. But no matter how powerful are they, how many are them, their enemies are beast hordes. They are beaten by numbers and cultivation. Many body enhancement cultivation level Practitioners died the first night. Some left with whole body but the majority is eaten by the beast hordes. Mostly the parts left is just a little bit of the cultivators body . It is an awful sight. A total gore, It didn't help that with their cultivation, they still can't fly to at least escape to the sky. Only few manage to crushed their monitoring plate. The rest just died without them even knowing how gory their death is.

Killing with others cultivators are forbidden in the competition, but be killed by the beast while in a mission just means they are not strong enough. This is where the clans screen their members. No one is force to join, but this is their baptism to the world of cultivation. This is the competition where they can be acknowledge as a true cultivator , where they can gain reputation to step up their rank and be the most powerful . This is to determine that they are the peak of power. This is the land where power is everything and the weak will be trampled upon. The survival of the fittest.

Foundation levels cultivators in the 3rd level suffer the same fate. But a larger number of them still survive. They maybe attacked by beast hordes but they quickly made teams with other cultivators to preserve their life.

The core and seed forming cultivators is dealing with a very thick fog that even their divine sense can't see anything. The beasts that lurks around in this level are like huge white monkeys and slimy mud monsters that are difficult to fight. Mud monster on the ground keeps trapping cultivators and buried them underground. While the wild white monkeys snatched the cultivators who scapes the mud monster and the ones who can fly .

For the core forming cultivators. It is a complete stressful night of fighting. Their spiritual energies keeps running out from using so much techniques and spells. Using talisman is their last option for defense as there are only few who have it. Mages are the only people who have a better night. Why?, Because they have bunch of talismans and talisman only uses a sliver of spiritual and soul energy. Mages are the only one who can make it, especially nascent soul mages. This level can produce a decent defence and offence talisman.

Song Weisheng and Song Wenyan is in this level. The two of them decide to come together as it is much safer and this is much better for instances like this.

" Brother, I saw Gu Cheng from Sublime mages school, he's near us," Wenyan told his brother while holding three activated pieces of talisman to protect the two of them.

" Yes , even Mei Ying of Lotus river sect is here , she has a protective treasure in her ," Weisheng answered calmly while sheathing his sword after killing a couple of white monkeys. The two of them might act and look like kids infront of their young master, but in reality, the two of them is in the peak of their generation. They are capable enough to be not too bothered by this kind of beasts attacking them . Their biggest problem is the spiritual be pressure of this placed! They can't fly as it keeps on crushing them down even with the help of their sword. They had no choice but to walk slowly.

Nascent cultivators haven't it good either. After the man eating frog, the terror of the fifth level manifest to all of them again . Fifth level is a mountain ranges filled with spirit herbs and majority of this herbs are poison to cultivators. Although the competitors have the antidote for some poisons, some rare poison can't be countered and they suffered from it.

The immortals and mages in the sixth level can't help but curse in their situation. The pressure is crushing them. Even lifting a sword needs a huge amount of effort. Talismans to ward even a little pressure is not helping. There are even beast attacking them, with their cultivation no one would think that they will be this miserable.

" That Shameless Xuan Tu, how can he still run like that?" Wu Tong ,a independent cultivator grit his teeth while walking slowly.

" To think we still needs to take that imoogi head!," The other is from the Nine star Alliance, Wang Mu.

Then both of them heard a this, when they looked , it is one from the Sublime mages school.

" Oh, Zhang Yi drop dead just like that? Weak~," Wu Tong snort at the mage on the ground.

"Shut up, you imbecile! , " With a gasp , the mage move his head a little. Too tired from the exertion. "He is a mage!his body is not fit for this kind of exertion!. That bloody Practitioner!, Let me fight you without this pressure! I definitely put your head up in your ass!",

And the night passed like that. A nightmare to all.

In the day, the cultivators in the second to fourth level can breathe a little. The beast hordes finally stop their attacks. But the cultivators above, the nightmare continues.

Song Xi didn't watch any of it at all. He just stay at his manor thinking something he is concerned about .

" The cultivators here either fly on their own or fly riding their sword.... Hhmm, I never tried riding a sword , I need to study how to ride that ah,? That's sound awesome! Hahahha", He is bubbling with excitement inside, he immediately put a multiple barrier around his room and carefully enter the land of Zhao . He can practice there more freely than this room.

He appeared in the vast field inside the land of Zhao. Just like before, the land is very peaceful. It's so good to just relax and look at the magnificent view, but he can't do that right now. He needs to practice!

From his qiankun bag , he take his sword and using his soul energy, he let it levitate in the air. " Oh , that's easy..," then he tried to step on the sword , "steady...., Steady....stea- aiya!," He found himself into he ground beside the levitating sword. "Hhmmm not easy as I thought..."

Three days before he finally came out of the Land of Zhao with a grim face. He take out his fan and start fanning himself vehemently. " This Song Xi sucks!,... Is lacking in balance contagious?..."

He opened the door of his room, when one of his guards sitting on the side immediately stand , he is clearly waiting for him to come out.

" Young master ," the man gave him a small bow, this man is called Song Jue. His youngest guard. He had a very bright aura around him. A kind and good young man, he even smiled at him with his bright round eyes . He can't help but remember a puppy looking at this young man . He immediately stopped himself to give this Song Jue a pat on his head, that would be a big OOC , So he just gives him a nod before it gives him a Jade piece.

" Young master ,this is the recording of what happen this past few days, especially in the competition," Song Xi takes the Jade piece and blink in surprise!

He Didn't expect that the past three days would be an exciting one. It makes him wants to enter the island even more! , Something happened unexpected inside the beast land!

" I will enter the island this day,"

He looked with great expectations in the place where the entrance to second layer is.


The throne is ready,

The crown is long been made

The thyrsus is in place

And the manacles are well oiled


- black box -