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One day,while I am chillin' in a hospital bed,an unknown man visited me and said. "Hey, princess....you don't belong here," before I even have the chance to curse him from his head to toe,left and right ,until his body is bleeding from the hundred curse of my tongue lashing for calling me a princess, "Me",the HUNK me!,He already kicked me out of the world I knew and dropped me in a body of another man! In my original world, I peppered my words with curses. I went wild until I dropped dead. I got drunk until I crawl. But currently, I must behave..... definitely behave.....utterly behave..... Because the body I am possessing is a frickin' princess!!!fuck it!!!. Or else,this head of mine will definitely roll down in a blink of an eye... I will say it again in my heart.....DAMN IT!!!

tearless · Fantasy
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38 Chs

Book of Beasts : Little Xin

Chapter 35 Book of Beast : Little Xin

Song Xi felt himself floating.What happened to him? Did he faint? ,he open his eyes and got shocked when he notice something!

"What now?!, What's happening? " , He almost shrieked when he saw his hands are transparent!, Wait! Not just his hand, it is his whole body !. What's more,he is floating on air....

" Did I die and become a ghost?!....no way!"

" Master, do you think he inherit it?", A female's voice shake him up from his panic. He just now notice ,he is in a wide room with tall heavy beams and dark wood. The rooms looks old yet we'll maintained. A wooden table on a well lighted side of the room is occupied by three people.

A middle age man with silver hair , a beautiful woman and a child who look like in his seven years, is sitting while drinking their tea . The beautiful woman dressed in white has an appearance almost similar to his own . He might not seen this appearance before but he is sure this is Song Hua. The real appearance of thousands faces Song Hua.

The middle age man she called Master dressed lightly despite the cold weather . From his wide sleeves ,it can be seen that his wrists are covered with black tattoos like symbols. His white long hair is messily flowing on his back . He looks fragile yet his powerful soul energy is like the mountains.

" He still didn't manifest any of it , just observe him for now...,"

The middle age man glance at the little kid beside the woman. He has a bright eyes and innocent smile. A little thin but tall for his age . He is happily drinking his tea. Thoroughly enjoying it.

" Eh!!! Is this Song Xi? The child version?!!!" , He float beside the child and look at him closely. The child has dark hair but he is definitely Song Xi, "Aish! This is a scam! How can this bright child become an ice block after he grows up?!, And one more thing! They can't see me?", Song Xi tried to touch the kid but he himself is just like an air. His hand just passed through the kid's body. He tried waving and even make some noise but there's no reaction at all.

" What's this? I am sure I am not dead turn to ghost!, Hhmm,A memory? How come I can be here?", In the past ,the memories he got always just pours down to his brain like he is a sponge. But this time ,it is different. He became an spectator. He can only watch and never meddle. Some information even slips to his mind , like some details why they are here . But all of it is just from the memories of the young Song Xi.

For example, even if he didn't see how they've got here but the memories of young Song Xi tells him ,It is because his mother take him here to see their relatives.A simple visit. Nothing more. He didn't even know what inheritance they are talking about.

" Is this an upgrade? A version 2.0 ?! Now it comes with a 3d experience mode,there is such a thing!?", he didn't know if he should be happy for it or what.

But watching Young Song Xi is interesting. He is a restless child. After meeting with his mother's master, With a sword tied on his waist and thick robed keeping him warm,he leave merrily to play and explore this place.

"Ah,finally! That place too stuffy. How can they live with that much strictness?, You can't be noisy, no playing around,no fighting. Ah!there's too many no. Too straight lace!.thanks the heavens I don't live here," Soft young voice complaining on air is the only thing to be heard in this white land of ice. Young Song Xi muttered under his breath while walking towards nowhere.

" At least Mother is not like that, she is cool on almost anything." While talking to himself ,the young Song Xi manage to walk to a ridge above a small lake with a frozen mirror like surface .

Under the thinning ice , large fish can be seen swimming with couple of small spirit beasts living in this icy lake. From the far side of the lake he spotted something black near the frozen water. When he looked closely ,it turned out it is young boy in black walking towards the lake blindly!

"Huh? What's with that kid?" , Brows twitching, he stared at the boy who stopped beside the frozen water. The kid looks smaller than him , thin and pale. He also has a cloth covering his eyes. " Is he a blind? ,No way!" , His eyes grew big when he saw the boy walk calmly and step at the thinning ice!

"You! Stop ! Go back! Go back!" He tried to shout to the boy but it seems like he didn't heard him. "What the- ! , " He look around but there's no one's here to help save the boy. If he run to the other side of the lake it would be too far and the boy would probably already under the lake at the time he came .

His hand grip his sword tightly. The little boy is already far into the lake. He is walking towards the thinning part of the icy floor!. Young Song Xi grit his teeth and take out his sword from its scabbard.

" Then I"ll just take the short cut!" , He said with determination.

He is just promoted to spiritual level just a week ago and he can't still practice flying in his sword properly. He didn't even know if his minimal amount of spiritual energy to control the sword can take him across this wide lake. But he can't just watch someone die,right? He need to do something.

He stare at his sword and activate his spirit energy, slowly it started to levitate. With a gulp ,he step on his sword . The sword had tremble a bit but his focus is on the little boy who is still walking. He control the sword to fly as fast as he can ! Midway, he feel the sweat on his back and face.

"Hah! Song Xi, your talent in flying with sword incredibly subpar with your cultivation even when you grow old, you had a league on your own.." , Song Xi the expectator float beside the young Song Xi. The young one sword keeps on swerving and trembling in flight. It makes him cringe with the sight of it.

"So this is how you met Zhen?... The young Song Xi is much on my liking than the old one. Why did you change to this ice and snow face of today ", he almost want to confront the young one this very moment but of course,how could he do that?. He watch as the young Song Xi fly nearer the young Zhen.

"Hey! Hey! Don't walk anymore!" Young Song Xi shout at the child when he saw some cracks on the thin ice where the boy walks . His face that is already pale from his spiritual energy consumption become even more pale at the sight.

Finally the boy heard his voice from afar. He stop and look at Young Song Xi's direction.

"Don't move ! I'm already there!!' , Even his voice is starting to tremble, he can feel his spiritual energy is depleting fast! Gritting his teeth, he flew on his fastest speed that he almost fall off his own sword.!

"Ha?", The child only said before being snatch by Song Xi. He embrace the little child on his thin arms.

"Got you!", Young Song Xi is grinning to the child despite the exertion . But his grin is quickly erased when he feel his spiritual energy is finally depleted! Luckily they are already near the thicker ice . Before the sword fall to the icy lake , he hold the back of the child's clothes. Good thing this kid is light, he throw him gently towards the thick ice that won't crack even if he skid right there. Then a huge splash came after! The young Song Xi plunge to the thin ice and break to the icy water of the lake!

The young boy stand up immediately after gaining his balance and hearing the splash. He Look at its direction and wait for the person with bated breathe.

Just a moment after, a loud shout can be heard .

"Aahhh!s-so c-c-c-cold!!!" Young Song Xi is trembling from the extreme cold while swimming near the ice where he can climb out of the water. He tried to climb up but the ice just keeps on breaking. He felt so weak after depleting his spiritual energy. He don't even had enough energy to cover his body to protect himself from the cold.

He tried again to climb up but his hands keeps slipping from the wet ice. Again ,his body plunge to the icy water. Some spirit beasts notice him in the water that they started to swim towards him, some even tried to bite him!. His tired hands again steer himself upward, Then without a preamble, thin hands comes down to the water, hold his arms and lift him up as if his weight is nothing.

With feet still dangling in the water, he saw his helper. Standing on the little bit of thicker ice . A small child that only comes up on his shoulder, thin and pale,dark hair flowing on his back with cloth covering his eyes . This little child who he wants to save a while ago become his savior...

what a joke...


" My mundane world is consist with land full of snow falling, piercing cold wind,

Endless icy white plains and dark churning clouds on sight.

But one day, a patch of color smudge that blank space.

another, and another,then another.

until then I realized.

It's not the same as before.

the spring has come with a bright sun shining down in this mundane world of mine."

-black box-